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Aliza Jabri

Wardah Zaman never expected to catch the attention of the Boss of Legion, Huzaifa Ibrahim. Her fierce attitude and sharp tongue land her in the crosshairs of the most notorious gangster to walk on this planet. A bloodthirsty Huzaifa desires nothing more than to annihilate Wardah. He won't back d... more info

Story about: obsession, mafia, enemies to lovers

Ongoing: 27 Jul 63 pages
15343 1105

Rating: 358

#6 in Romance
#4 in Billionaires
#4 in Contemporary Romance


The Devil Desire

Avika Rai

"Sometimes even knowing everything about the outcome", "Of our action , we still failed to protect ourselves from getting hurt"!. "Bad or good , one thing everyone want is respectful Successful life", "No matter , achieving that, what way they walk on"!. For him she was mere target, for her,... more info

Story about: obsession, action thriller, royal conspiracy

Ongoing: 27 Jul 130 pages
960 82

Rating: 6

#12 in Thrillers & Suspense
#160 in Romance


Wicked Love

Payal Mandal

Rashika, an obsessive girl who fell in love with a movie star Aayaan Singhania. He felt attracted to her as well, but things go wrong when they unknowingly sparked a controversy. He left her, but she wasn't the one who will weep for years and then eventually move on. She believed in revenge and that... more info

Story about: obsession, revenge and drama, destruction

Complete 187 pages
29728 588

Rating: 143

#235 in Romance
#51 in Contemporary Romance


Truth Or Dare

Emlika M

For as long as Linnea can remember, she'd dreamed about going to college in the US, but when the anticipated time finally comes around, nothing goes as planned. It all started with a seemingly innocent game of Truth or Dare at a frat party, but it soon turned into a dangerous game of life and death ... more info

Story about: college, obsession, stalker

Complete 200 pages
268045 5255

Rating: 507

#423 in Romance
#31 in New Adult & College
#40 in Thrillers & Suspense


Redeeming The Bad Boy

Nvy M

Zack was a cold charishmatic bad boy and the star athlete of his high school. But when his dad passes away unexpectedly, Zack finds that life will never be the same again. Burdened with grief, he has to learn alone how to overcome his fears and trauma to go through the angst of his teenaged years. ... more info

Story about: obsession, truelove, tragic past

Ongoing: 27 Jul 5 pages
9 8

Rating: 3

#905 in Romance
#82 in New Adult & College
#212 in Contemporary Romance


Caged Rose


A Righteous beautiful girl's life take drastic turn, when her father take righteous stand against evil, for his duty. Which cost him gravely in worse way. ______________________ "Do you believe in Almighty?" This question made her open her eyes, The intensity of his gaze burned her and his close... more info

Story about: obsession, inner critic, battle between love and brain

Ongoing: 15 Jul 69 pages
1283 26

Rating: 6

#1000 in Romance
#228 in Contemporary Romance
#92 in Thrillers & Suspense


the promise

gorgeous geetanjali

After attending an interview with his wife,advait knew his wife had not moved on from her past. Somewhere she was still dragging the incident to the present with the thought advait would leave her like her parents. Advait tries everything but she stays firm with her decision about not telling him.He... more info

Story about: obsession, past life, rape attempt

Complete 154 pages
11097 498

Rating: 30

#5242 in Romance
#2132 in Billionaires

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