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The Ceo's Assistant

Christina Maharaj

Katherine is an assistant at an advertising firm. She's been in a long-term relationship with her boss, Thomas. She's on cloud nine until she finds out he's sacrificing her for a promotion. Fired and heartbroken, Kat wanders the streets until she's almost hit by a car. The men in the car help her h... more info

Story about: forbidden love, office romance, boss and assistant

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Rating: 168

#146 in Romance
#37 in Contemporary Romance
#75 in Billionaires


Enthralled By You

O.J Ebubeoha

Lisa needed a fresh start, away from all the baggage in her life; Williams was tired, of all the wrong women in his life. Becoming a CEO at a young age, Williams had more passion for work than he does for women which led to a series of disasters and failed matchmaking schemes. He had eyes for onl... more info

Story about: boss and secretary, dark secrets, office romance

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Rating: 114

#325 in Romance
#81 in Contemporary Romance
#48 in Romantic suspense


Romantic Ceo And His Crazy Secretary

Suzy Kim

Olivia is a 23-year-old young lady, she's extremely beautiful and crazy, she works as a cleaner at a famous hotel and ended up getting fired on her payday. She felt depressed for being treated unfairly and drank alcohol like she'll never see the next day. What happens when she woke up to find hers... more info

Story about: office romance, ceo, crazy

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Rating: 191

#475 in Romance
#249 in Billionaires


Dale Ramirez

Kyzyl Mhy

Bachelor Series No. 1 - Dale Ramirez Engr. Dale Benedict Ramirez. With a name recognized in his field of profession, thousands of projects pile up on his desk. He’s got a hectic schedule, and rarely has time for himself. Working alone is what he prefers best, but destiny decides to spice thi... more info

Story about: office romance, bossbillionnaire, engineer

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Rating: 194

#603 in Romance
#301 in Billionaires
#31 in New Adult & College


Mr. Romano's Secret

Dipika Ojha

Giovanni Romano, a man who never thought he would fall in love with a woman he was forbidden to, was emotionally blackmailed by his family into joining his family firm, and Because of his playboy nature, his father had set some basic rules for him. The most important rule was that he could not slee... more info

Story about: boss and assistant, office romance, forbiddenlove age gap poor and rich

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Rating: 115

#648 in Romance
#161 in Contemporary Romance


Fake Fiancee

Hasna Hena

Damien drew closer, gently tucking the rose behind her ear. The floral scent perfumed every breath, Eden took as he brushed his thumb lightly over her lips sending a shiver down to her spine. Damien smirked feeling his effect on her, "The attraction between us is very convenient, you know?" Ed... more info

Story about: office romance, billionaire ceo, fake fiancee

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Rating: 200

#692 in Romance
#340 in Billionaires
#104 in Romantic suspense


Whenever You Want

Stephanie Van Orman

Christina didn't want to be an escort! She didn't want to juggle the egos of different men! She wanted to get a job and stop escorting, but what was she to do when her favorite client is now her boss? And he's very attractive. ... more info

Story about: model romance, office romance, office forbidden love

Complete 167 pages
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Rating: 16

#1128 in Romance
#255 in Contemporary Romance
#81 in Contemporary fiction
#43 in ChickLit

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