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Somethin' missing Is it love in pain or pain in love?


College life is one of the best times to gather memories. But what if the memories get mixed with pain and love. Diya was a girl who came with dreams to enjoy college life to the fullest with her best friend. Life is full of miracles they say and that became true for her when she encountered him! Ev... more info

Story about: friendship, pain of love, college romance and music

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Rating: 6

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Amor dulce amargo


Jenna tuvo una vida perfecta, hasta que algo terrible cayó sobre ella. Parece que todo da un giro inesperado, lleno de sorpresas y decepciones. No sabe si estará bien, si se puede curar ... Es una persona atravesada por flechas venenosas de dolor. Podrá Jenna liberarse de su osc... more info

Story about: firstlove, secrets and lies, pain of love

Ongoing: 19 Jan 8 pages
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