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The Flowers of Delight and Darkness

Junie Han

In a land of monsters, even some supernatural beings are too evil. A small city lays hidden away in a corner of an untouched forest. A place once filled with hope to join together battling monster communities is now a failed project site, with nothing but dark supernatural minds living on its gro... more info

Story about: paranormal, vampire, romance

Complete 189 pages
4642 190

Rating: 8

#5 in Horror
#5 in Paranormal
#863 in Romance
#43 in Paranormal Romance


The Assignment Of a Demon


Lena Firth is being stalked by some strange, creepy figure and she suspects that he has connection with the crimes that happened in the past, involving the murder of a family and a missing child. After the Oswalt family massacre, she meets the deputy who shares the information with her and agrees to... more info

Story about: demon, paranormal, allies

Complete 56 pages
793 76

Rating: 2

#19 in Fanfiction
#2 in Movies Fanfiction
#18 in Horror
#16 in Paranormal


The goddess awakens Book# 1

Iris rose

This book is about two teens One who is a goddess her name is Goddess princess Iris isabella Rose, and they others name is Waylon curtis Who just know about her being a princess but what he does not know is that she i a vampire and a goddess They both fall for eachother but when she is called to go ... more info

Story about: paranormal, dark fantasy, goddess and love

Complete 10 pages
310 31

Rating: 4

#1214 in Fantasy
#249 in Dark fantasy
#106 in Horror
#71 in Paranormal


The Lamb


Lily had to shoulder the responsibilities of the clan at a young age. Being the guardian,she was meant to protect her people from the wolves that were ready to devour them.Then,he came and sweeps her off her feet with simple act of gentleman gesture. He paved her a way out of her distress. Forsaking... more info

Story about: paranormal, love and betrayal, sacrifices

Ongoing: 20 Jul 15 pages
85 1

Rating: 0

#2398 in Romance
#277 in Paranormal Romance
#700 in Fantasy
#308 in Romantic fantasy


Conversing With A Ghost

RJ Pritchett

Jeremy is a firm believer in the paranormal, however, his little brother Devonte isn't. Jeremy believes he has proof that ghosts exist because he had a conversation with one before. He tells Devonte the story about the time he met and befriended a ghost.... more info

Story about: ghost, short story, paranormal

Complete 15 pages
1190 76

Rating: 5

#196 in Horror
#108 in Paranormal


Lust for Blood


Kate was very scared. She and her friend were with two vampires in a deserted forest. “Kate … what you will hear now that will only stay in your mind. Otherwise I can erase this thing from your memory! "Kate I am a vampire! And I know that you've already figured this out. Seeing him, Ka... more info

Story about: paranormal, vampires, human vampire love dark romance

Complete 124 pages
2268 42

Rating: 11

#2526 in Romance
#328 in Paranormal Romance

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