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Bound by Vows

Khurshida Khushi

Demon Knight An arrogant Businessman. He is ruthless, dominating, dreading also handsome.He never takes no in answer. Born to win. Love and marriage the words doesn't exist in his dictionary. He hates lie and cheater. But once he was a price charming but when his wife abandoned his child on the day... more info

Story about: heartless billionaire, possessive billionaire

Ongoing: 26 Jul 123 pages
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Rating: 216

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Billionaire's Obsession or Love

Khurshida Khushi

Ace Roberts, The owner of Robert Corporation. He has everything a girl wants. He once a Prince charming. But, when his girlfriend cheated on him. He became a heartless womanizer.He starts using girl like clothes.. Bella Knight, A sweet, simple yet beautiful girl. She loves Ace since her c... more info

Story about: romance, possessive billionaire

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Rating: 1035

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Mr. & Mrs. Wellington


He married her for the fortune and she married him for his. This wasn't the plan but it worked anyway. So-called ruthless billionaire, Alexander Wellington has three cares in the world. His jet, his Rolex, and his billion-dollar hotel industry. Unfortunately though inheriting an entire industr... more info

Story about: enemies to lovers, possessive billionaire, love hate revenge

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Rating: 38

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Billionaire's Obsession or Love 2

Khurshida Khushi

"I have moved on in my life.I moved on the moment I walked out from you cabin. Now I don't need you.You.Yeah you are the person because of whom, I lost everything in my life.Because of you I can't breath freely.You destroyed me. Your obsession destroyed me. Go away. And never show me your face" I sh... more info

Story about: possessive billionaire

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Rating: 622

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Billionaire spy

Salem silver G

"There is no second chance in love, I loved one person and he was taken from me. I can't risk that again." Thelma exclaimed in pain. "If you don't risk it how will you know?" He questioned his searching her eyes. "I am sorry but I can't, I just can't." She lowered her head holding back tears. "Is... more info

Story about: betrayal, love and power, possessive billionaire

Ongoing: 22 Jun 48 pages
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Rating: 17

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The billionaire's childhood friend

Neppi Sue

Samara Jones was your everyday kind hearted girl, who worked as a barista. She suffered from a verbal diarrhea whenever she was provoked. Jack Williams was just like any other CEO out there; a ruthless workaholic tyrant with an oversized ego. Against her better judgement due to financial needs... more info

Story about: possessive billionaire, love hate relationship, stubborn kindhearted girl

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Rating: 123

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