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Booknet Stories: pride. Best in genre

Stories: pride. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "Pride"
Sarah and Sean are a loving married couple, one could say they are perfect but they have only one problem, they both have pride. When the other does something, both will pick offense and non will apologize or seek for peace but neither of them know that one day that same pride will not only destroy...
Story about: pride, unforgiveness, couple
9 995
6 pp.
Book cover "The Girl Next Door"
Teren went on a vacation to remote city. But running away from work, he bumped into love. He loves the lady but she's far from reach. She's actually a neighbor next door but leaving far from his heart. Like she never cares, she's always turning him down, directly or indirectly. Taria ran away fro...
Story about: love, pride, hatred
5 564
13 pp.
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