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Rebirth of the Missing


This story is about the missing girl Sana. The twist is that her mother is aware where she would be, how she finds her and the mysterious rebirth... more info

Story about: mystery thriller, mystery and blackmagic, rebirth

Complete 20 pages
1504 69

Rating: 6

#638 in Thrillers & Suspense
#219 in Suspense
#738 in Mystery
#422 in Supernaturals


The last Guardian of Humanity

Praise onuoha

800,000 years ago Earth was being defeated by the people of the underworld in battle. Some of the humans were taken as slaves and were mated with which led to the discovery of how pure their genes were and how it makes their eternal posterity un aging. So every millennium as an exchange for Eart... more info

Story about: lovehaterelationship, royal family, rebirth

Ongoing: 25 May 105 pages
448 16

Rating: 1

#341 in Fantasy
#160 in Romantic fantasy


The forbidden heiress


Lucky are those who find they're love . Luckier are those who are found by their love . And the ones who fight for their love make their own fortune . A LOVE TAKEN AWAY , A MATRIMONY DESTINED . Welcome to the journey of a man who is adamant on conquering his empress... [ A STORY SET IN HISTORICA... more info

Story about: love and arrange marriage, rebirth

Ongoing: 05 May 18 pages
105 15

Rating: 1

#1674 in Romance
#34 in Historical Romance
#160 in Thrillers & Suspense
#60 in Suspense

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