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Booknet Stories: reincarnation love. Best in genre

Stories: reincarnation love. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "Blood Promise"
Anika had her life all set. She was engaged to her childhood sweetheart. But before that, her parents wanted her to get acquainted with her roots. So, she came to India, the land of her ancestors, to find out more about its culture. While there, she meets a mysterious man, who calls her by a strange...
5 250
127 pp.
Book cover "Mate of the Dragon King"
Princess. Mate. Dead. Bain had lost his mate, who sacrificed her life to save his and he has vowed to search until the end of time to find her again. Reincarnated. Human. Mate? After centuries of looking Bain found his mate once more but can he convince this girl raised in a time of science and fa...
15 782
153 pp.
Book cover "The Life That is Many (plane 60)"
What is the meaning of life? This question has been asked for several centuries, we wonder what happens in our lives. We live and we die, but happens after we die where does our soul go? Do we reincarnate and live an entirely different life that is for you to decide. ...
37 pp.
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