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Watch Out!


a young ambitious girl is led to strange circumstences by her adventurous nature-.she finds herself in the midst of a secret satanic society's trap ,when a handome mysterious boy comes to her rescue. She later finds that boy belongs to a very influential family and she becomes suspicious of his i... more info

Story about: fanasty, romance action mystery, a mysterious stranger

Ongoing: 19 Sep 10 pages
78 21 0

Rating: 1

#354 in Romance
#160 in Billionaires


Don't Open that Door

MC Prelooker

After their ordinary vacations are disrupted by a shocking event, Alex and Claire Corban go back home, hoping to resume they ordinary lives. But they've opened a door to a world that will drag them further and further down a road they don't know if they want to tread.... more info

Story about: hunters supernatural creatures, alpha ghosts goblins, romance action mystery

Ongoing: 21 Sep 89 pages
433 28 2

Rating: 13

#32 in Mystery
#20 in Supernaturals
#401 in Romance
#8 in Paranormal Romance

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