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The Surrogate 2

Grey V

Everything won't remain as perfect as they seem to be. Every one has their own demons thay won't leave you until you face them. And it is the time Bella and Namjoon will have to face their's too. The past will come again, some that stays and some that parts for good. Book 2 of "The surrog... more info

Story about: romance life, romance and billionaire, surrogacy

Ongoing: 21 Jun 81 pages
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Rating: 83

#431 in Romance
#106 in Contemporary Romance
#55 in Romantic suspense


Billionaire Marriage


Two people are set to marry one another. One is a confident, young, successful and respectful. He is every girls' dream. The other is also confident, young and successful, but, she was left with a broken heart that she's been trying to mend over the years. She came to the decision of locking her hea... more info

Story about: romance, romance and billionaire, arrangedmarriage

Complete 155 pages
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Rating: 119

#808 in Romance
#392 in Billionaires

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