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Bittersweet Love


Clara is a billionaire who's company is worldwide famous. She is kind, caring, generous and warm-hearted. She lives her life calmly and is emotionally very stable. That is until she meets Andrew. Clara would always lose her calm in front of him. The two always end up arguing or fighting. Andrew is ... more info

Story about: romance and comedy, romance with billonaire, romance and happy endings

Ongoing: 22 Sep 40 pages
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Rating: 12

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All My Love

Kenyan Diva

'' Will life ever change for us or we will keep living in this kind of life? I'm so hungry i could eat my own clothes" Sarah said to her sister. Life had always been unfair to them. Imagine living a life where nothing is guaranteed.No plan. No budget. Somehow the family of eight had to make it.... more info

Story about: girl meets guy, life of poverty, romance and happy endings

Ongoing: 05 Aug 2 pages
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