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Booknet Stories: romance and tragedy. Best in genre

Stories: romance and tragedy. Best in genre

3 books
Book cover "A Chosen Princess."
A girl from Village with big dreams. Not a princess to rule but circumstances changed her fate. It's not easy to live her dream. At a very young age, she learnt the meaning of life. She knows no fairytale is real. Every stage of her life made her strong. She lived hiding her identity. She is not in ...
44 196
706 pp.
Book cover "My Nation"
She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life but it looks like she herself is not normal. She thought life would be 'okay' even though she had powers but living at where she is, she knew she did not fit in with the world she is in. Her life is at its worst not until a guy comes into her ...
1 823
357 pp.
Book cover "When Bound Souls Meet (i)"
All Rubi Msasi had ever known was her cutthroat hunter of a father, a reclusive & indifferent mother, isolation, and a whole lot of forests. She, like her mother, was adaptive and just okay with what was handed to her by her father. She consciously made sure she never willingly strayed from the will...
1 174
181 pp.
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