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Lily Matanhire

Love, life and sacrifices. Ginny, raised in a strict christian family, is the last born in a family of four girls. While her three elder sisters know exactly what they want in life and how to get it, she still struggles to find her footing in life. All the conflicts in her life all come from her pa... more info

Story about: romance life, romance love, romance cliches and reality

Ongoing: 28 Jun 39 pages
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Rating: 31

#53 in Romance
#17 in Contemporary Romance


The Surrogate 2

Grey V

Everything won't remain as perfect as they seem to be. Every one has their own demons thay won't leave you until you face them. And it is the time Bella and Namjoon will have to face their's too. The past will come again, some that stays and some that parts for good. Book 2 of "The surrog... more info

Story about: romance life, romance and billionaire, surrogacy

Ongoing: 21 Jun 81 pages
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Rating: 83

#224 in Romance
#58 in Contemporary Romance
#28 in Romantic suspense


Thirteen Little Stories

Thirteen Little Stories

Que pensarías de una persona viviendo una constante frustración al borde del suicidio que espera un milagro. Trece poemas, trece cartas y una realidad. Buscar la fortaleza donde no existe, para vivir en un mundo donde te exige una realidad que no tienes, suena complicado verdad.... more info

Story about: romance drama, romance life, poem from daily life experiences.

Ongoing: 07 May 11 pages
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Rating: 3

#69 in Others
#10 in Poetry
#1670 in Romance

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