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Like You...

Constance Marounta

A year ago, young Emilia mysteriously disappeared for two months before she returned home in a bad shape. Her whereabouts were unknown but seemingly whatever it was that she went through is over. Or not?... more info

Story about: abuse, manipulation, romance mystery

Ongoing: 23 Feb 72 pages
2145 91 0

Rating: 8

#50 in Thrillers & Suspense
#16 in Suspense
#456 in Romance
#67 in Romantic suspense


Forever Stolen

Maryam Zahid

When Demon Price Zeus was born the world had stilled to honour his arrival. Every creature that came under his rule had sworn in their loyalty to the demon that was undoubtedly meant to rule the world. Alexandra was just a baby when the coven of blood witches had found her in the forest. Even thoug... more info

Story about: fantasy romance, demon in love with a human, romance mystery

Ongoing: 10 Feb 23 pages
337 54 7

Rating: 7

#85 in Fantasy
#46 in Romantic fantasy
#589 in Romance
#39 in Paranormal Romance

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