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Warmth of a Lover


A striking collision between two wealthy hearts who are too caught up in their own worlds that they refuse to seek the warmth they secretly yearn to have. But when they entangle their lives with each other, will fire arise from their weary ashes and ignite a once-in-a-lifetime love? Will they know h... more info

Story about: secrets revealed, romance of a billionaire, billionaire love

Ongoing: 15 Jan 95 pages
1959 138 0

Rating: 9

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Rhonda Michele

Rhonda Michele

Zena Watson is a beautiful, smart, funny, and curvaceous woman that allowed her insecurities to cripple her in the romance department. She did not expect a weekend getaway with her sassy niece to lead to a kidnapping, a shootout, and an African Billionaire that blew up the wall surrounding her hear... more info

Story about: romance and comedy, romance of a billionaire, romance action

Ongoing: 22 Nov 12 pages
85 27 3

Rating: 3

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