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My Lily


He hate her. He hate everything about her. " let me go..." let me go..." please.... I beg you... please...." what...why are you doing this... I.. l don't before she could complete.. Enough! He roar then slap at her face, then walk out from her room. ... more info

Story about: revenge, love and hate, romance.

Ongoing: 16 Jan 4 pages
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Rating: 8

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Living alone with a nanny, isn't the life a teenager wants especially when all she craves is having her mom hug her when she gets nightmares, or to just have her around. That's the life of Chris, she lacks nothing, she has money, Popularity, Friends, except her mom. She has never been in her life fo... more info

Story about: christianity, romance., lesbian

Ongoing: 16 Jan 18 pages
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