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The Exiled Dragon


Prejudice! Against someone who is different. Belief! That one who is different, can cause us harm. Conviction! That what we know is the only truth. Serenity- a human girl, met with an unfortunate accident in her childhood that not only instilled the fear of fire in her heart but also the belie... more info

Story about: romantic fantasy, dragon in love with human, possessive and caring male lead

Ongoing: 20 Feb 24 pages
984 132 39

Rating: 57

#500 in Romance
#69 in Fantasy
#36 in Romantic fantasy


Dragons & Cupcakes

PJ Lowry

Ginelle had no choice but to run away from home and those who mean to imprison all witches. She then befriends a dragon who agrees to protect her in exchange for food. This arrangement works quite well for more than a few years until the young witch falls in love with a local boy. ... more info

Story about: dragons, romantic fantasy, fantasy fiction

Ongoing: 23 Feb 6 pages
31 8 0

Rating: 1

#93 in Fantasy
#49 in Romantic fantasy
#1 in Epic fantasy


Dawn Of Revenge

Tasha Khatib

Abigail Evans is a 17 years old girl who lives with her mother who grew her up alone after her father left her before she was born or at least that's what Abby though, and lately she had a lot of accidents and Abby started to think that someone is trying to kill her, so they go back to where her fat... more info

Story about: a girl with sealed powers, fantasy, romantic fantasy

Ongoing: 02 Feb 16 pages
77 14 0

Rating: 1

#432 in Fantasy
#218 in Romantic fantasy

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