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Bound By Fate

Shelly Roy

Alex, the alpha of the Moon Warriors pack has to marry Emily, the daughter of a neighboring alpha to avoid war. He has always been mate-less or so he believes, until he meets Grace, a human, who is a captive in the Crescent Moon pack. With his heart telling him that at last he has found his mate, wo... more info

Story about: romantic fantasy, werewolf and human romance

Complete 164 pages
9542 240

Rating: 40

#469 in Romance
#27 in Paranormal Romance
#63 in Fantasy
#36 in Romantic fantasy


A Secret Hidden By The Beast 2


LOVE OF ARIEL AND HER MYSTERIOUS LOVER. What will you do when all of a sudden a handsome man comes to you and say that he is the man from your before life. Ariel, who lost her parents all of the sudden and is a princess of the water world, tried to find the reason why her parents left ... more info

Story about: romantic fantasy, love and fate, mysterious man

Ongoing: 29 Jun 43 pages
494 41

Rating: 7

#127 in Fantasy
#3 in Epic fantasy
#868 in Romance
#125 in Romantic suspense


The Exiled Dragon

S. Srivastava

Serenity- a human girl, met with an unfortunate accident in her childhood that not only instilled the fear of fire in her heart but also the belief, that whoever she loves eventually dies, and thus is fearful of falling in love. Masou- the prince of fire dragons, is unable to return to his own ki... more info

Story about: romantic fantasy, possessive and caring male lead, dragon in love with human

Complete 151 pages
32774 437

Rating: 151

#1236 in Romance
#210 in Fantasy
#110 in Romantic fantasy

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Poison Garden

Jocelyn Black

What is a poor witch to do when she catches the eye of a handsome Inspector for the Department of Magical Misuse? Maks Bryns is hellbent on unraveling all of her secrets, but what will he choose to do with them if he does? In a world where witchcraft is punishable by death, Doris Gibby decides that ... more info

Story about: witch and human, dark fantasy, romantic fantasy

Complete 160 pages
6809 94

Rating: 45

#1598 in Fantasy
#4604 in Romance
#544 in Paranormal Romance


Ginelle's Dragon

PJ Lowry

Ginelle had no choice but to run away from home as the crown and the church start to round up and imprison all the witches in the kingdom. While hiding out, she befriends a few new friends including a dragon that agrees to protect her as they happen to have a common enemy. ... more info

Story about: dragons, romantic fantasy, fantasy fiction

Ongoing: 11 Jun 95 pages
1165 38

Rating: 8

#1465 in Fantasy
#606 in Romantic fantasy
#88 in Epic fantasy


In 499 Lunar Eclipses


.Every 5 years, when the blood moon rises one virgin women is summoned through a blood ritual and is offered to the cursed Lycan prince of the fallen empire of Walesk, who is yet to find his mate. But it won't be easy as it had been prophecisied he would only find his mate after 499 lunar eclipses a... more info

Story about: werewolf, romantic fantasy, mate human forced

Ongoing: 03 Jun 31 pages
1229 58

Rating: 18

#1705 in Romance
#35 in Historical Romance
#395 in Fantasy
#184 in Romantic fantasy

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