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Captured - The Royal Romance

Shruti Omar

Trapped in a forced marriage, Matsyaa has no hopes for a better future. She has pledged to never reciprocate Ranvijay's love but that is impossible when his past is making an appearance and trapping him in death risks. He hides so much behind his cold, blue eyes. The secrets should haunt her and she... more info

Story about: hate to love, royal family, secrets from the past

Complete 357 pages
61304 1003

Rating: 439

#435 in Romance
#25 in Mystery


White Foxes (book 0.2 of The Arcanum Revelation)

Keefe RD

[Part of the Arcanum Revelation Universe] Cathy Charlotte moves with her mom to New York City. She continues her college life, until the unexpected event forces to involve her with the undergoing of Invisible Project. All the media and public demand to know the project's hidden secret that reopened... more info

Story about: royal family, secret portal, supernatural

Complete 307 pages
1404 25

Rating: 2

#637 in Mystery
#1716 in Fantasy


The Treasure of mankind


Aria was only a newborn baby when she was found by Leah and David and they promised each other to rise Aria up with love and affection that she never feels alone. What they didn't know was that she was so special, that her parents Rosalie and Jason were so shattered to give away their daughter on... more info

Story about: love, magic, royal family

Complete 61 pages
1412 63

Rating: 10

#2340 in Romance
#290 in Mystery
#164 in Supernaturals

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