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The Scroll of Wisdom

Grayson Mee

My name is Jaxson Thunderblade. To many, I'm the bad guy. But I wasn’t always this way. I didn’t always know about the mythical world beneath my feet, not until I got sucked into an ancient family feud I neither knew nor understood. Things changed, falling around me like a line of dominos. First... more info

Story about: ancient myths, forgotten love, royalty

Ongoing: 05 Oct 24 pages
42 8

Rating: 7

#95 in Fantasy
#43 in Romantic fantasy
#4 in Epic fantasy


Kissing The Wind


Being poor might be a sin in a society where poverty makes people do illegal things. Sydnee Lurica is one of those unfortunate ones after her father was accused of fraud and thrown into jail. She is in a constant longing to find her place in school but no one is willing to welcome her with open arms... more info

Story about: royalty, heiress, love and family

Complete 246 pages
8466 110

Rating: 16

#521 in Young adult
#197 in School