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Booknet Stories: royalty. Best in genre

Stories: royalty. Best in genre

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Book cover "Princess Claire [sixth Princess Of Aither]"
Princess Claire is the most beautiful, elegant and respected princess among all the seven princesses of Aither kingdom being the king's favourite earn her a lot of hatred but she couldn't care less as she dominate the palace. Falling into a trap one night she suddenly became fiancé to Prince Michae...
In progress: 01 Dec
65 pp.
Book cover "The Scroll of Wisdom"
My name is Jaxson Thunderblade. To many, I'm the bad guy. But I wasn’t always this way. I didn’t always know about the mythical world beneath my feet, not until I got sucked into an ancient family feud I neither knew nor understood. Things changed, falling around me like a line of dominos. First...
In progress: 30 Nov
360 pp.
Book cover "Kissing The Wind"
Being poor might be a sin in a society where poverty makes people do illegal things. Sydnee Lurica is one of those unfortunate ones after her father was accused of fraud and thrown into jail. She is in a constant longing to find her place in school but no one is willing to welcome her with open arms...
9 028
246 pp.
Book cover "The hundredth Queen"
Kingdom Of Ophedania, is a beautiful and prosperous kingdom. But their king ruthless and mean. The prophecy of the 100th Queen awaits to be fulfilled.  When King Perceus's eldest son Piers comes of age, his duties and his love demand a choice.  What happens when king Perceus steals the love of h...
In progress: 24 Nov
15 pp.
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