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The Unexpected Marriage


The Tanya the happy going girl, who has a habit of compromising with everything she got. She is the maid in her own house and getting cheated by her own relatives in all ways possible. The only support she got in her life was from her grandfather. Who will support her after her marriage? This is... more info

Story about: love, sacrifice, hate

Complete 214 pages
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Rating: 151

#84 in Romance
#58 in Billionaires


House of Cards

Hestia Signe

Delilah and Dimitri. College sweethearts; the ideal couple in everyone's eyes. No one gets them more than each other. They've made a promise to graduate and become successful together, to rise on top and look down on those who ever doubted their abilities. Now, Dimitri's the CEO of his father's succ... more info

Story about: love, billionaire, sacrifice

Ongoing: 28 Jan 111 pages
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Rating: 4

#3042 in Romance
#1439 in Billionaires

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