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Stories: sacrifice. Best in genre


Beloved Demon Husband

Taiwo Jayeoba

Shaina has always feel inferior to her older sister who always steal what she wants, when her first love was taken by her, Shaina decided to outshine her this once and that is to get married before her older sister does. After a night lie, she found herself entangled to Samael, a thousand years Demo... more info

Story about: human and the demon, family, sacrifice

Ongoing: 24 Nov 56 pages
2677 261

Rating: 29

#23 in Fantasy
#6 in Romantic fantasy



Zara Claflin

This story revolves around a girl named Alexandra Mathew, who became a Mafia member due to her financial crisis. She had to look after her two brothers Hawk and Liam. Until one day she met Bruce Harrison who tried to force her to fall in love with her. It took her a while to get out of his love trap... more info

Story about: mafia boss, sacrifice, gangsters

Complete 143 pages
5420 124

Rating: 19

#591 in Thrillers & Suspense
#97 in Action thriller


The Unexpected Marriage

Zakia R (Shams)

The Tanya the happy going girl, who has a habit of compromising with everything she got. She is the maid in her own house and getting cheated by her own relatives in all ways possible. The only support she got in her life was from her grandfather. Who will support her after her marriage? This is... more info

Story about: love, sacrifice, hate

Complete 211 pages
110360 982

Rating: 196

#490 in Romance
#257 in Billionaires

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