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Say The Word

Vodka Gin

Vastel Von Ludwig decided that it was a good idea to befriend the outcast in his new school. He was willing to do anything to get closer to him. With help from a newly-made ally, he got so close to him, he fell in love with someone he should not have. Yet, what he did not expect was a change of even... more info

Story about: slice of life, friends, school

Ongoing: 16 May 132 pages
2303 88

Rating: 6

#3177 in Romance
#131 in LGBT
#384 in Young adult
#144 in School


What if You love...

Dranel Penumbra

"What if you love...stories" The stories in this collection will happen in a world where different races and monsters coexist with each other. I will update every day with romance-related story bites/flash fiction. Enjoy and happy reading~~ ... more info

Story about: slice of life, collection, flash fiction

Ongoing: 23 May 18 pages
98 6

Rating: 2

#1677 in Romance
#84 in Others


Blog Entries of the Broken Hearted

Stephanie Van Orman

Fall in love with a ghost, but wake up to a real boy... and he's yelling at you.... more info

Story about: slice of life, falling in love, uplifting

Complete 16 pages
267 11

Rating: 0

#2737 in Romance
#126 in Inspiration romance
#196 in Contemporary fiction
#91 in ChickLit

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