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Booknet Stories: spiritual love. Best in genre

Stories: spiritual love. Best in genre

2 books
Book cover "Holiday Memories"
Neva is a spoiled rich girl but she believes in the spirit of Christmas and cherishes holidays and then she met him the man who held the power to change her whole world in one moment. What she will do when she sees this Christmas isn't the only thing that has changed?...
2 892
25 pp.
Book cover "Twist of Fate "
«Verily, after every difficulty is ease». «I plan, You plan, We all plan but Allah's plan is the best». ~**~ "Yeah, I know. I was your wife before but now I'm my husband's wife. And if you really love me as you said, you will let me go because I've let you go a long time ago. If you re...
3 350
121 pp.
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