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Guardians of the Cosmos

Kushal Singh

Once upon a time in New York, the city of dreams, an invincible villain was on a roar. Where are those missing New Yorkers? Another dimension or in the future? Who has the key to all these questions? Read all the upcoming episodes of the “Guardians of the Cosmos” to raise the curtain from these ... more info

Story about: superheroes, guardians, sciencefiction

Ongoing: 31 May 4 pages
68 2

Rating: 1

#15 in Science fiction
#180 in Thrillers & Suspense
#31 in Action thriller


Chrome 2968

Ryo Francis

Get ready for a wild ride in this crazy action-packed adventure with a team led by a kick@ss girl from the future, an idealistic teenage boy, and a debonair billionaire scientist as they battle evil forces on land, water, and in space to save Earth.... more info

Story about: comedy, time travel, superheroes

Complete 63 pages
56529 68

Rating: 26

#135 in Science fiction
#789 in Young adult

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