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Ravished By Vampire Prince

Anie Styles

FREE BOOK:- Just like & comment "Who are you?" She asked him slightly unnerved having no idea about him while backing away as he was stepping towards her like a predator. "You can't escape, Beth" He warned her as he clasped her elbow and pulled her to him so strongly that her whole body collid... more info

Story about: suspense mystery, hunters, vampire prince and human girl

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Rating: 227

#103 in Fantasy
#48 in Romantic fantasy
#716 in Romance
#31 in Paranormal Romance


Obsessed with an Agent

Agony Riah

The man sitting in the Black SUV watching the people standing afar away from his car, a man wearing a black suit came towards his car, he stops near him then handed him a package, the man took his glasses from his eyes, staring towards the other man. Sir, it's all we got. He nodded his head then mot... more info

Story about: suspense mystery, agent, romance thriller

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Rating: 52

#783 in Romance
#381 in Billionaires
#55 in Mystery
#25 in Romantic mystery