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Who Is He?

Manvi Upadhyay

Destiny impelled Rose to marry a guy on wheelchair, Daniel. Soon certain strange turn of events make the uninterested Rose take keen interest on her husband and she realizes he isn't actually all what she thought he was. Will she find out who he is? Will he let her succeed doing that? All that and m... more info

Story about: thriller, suspense mystery, love romance

Ongoing: 20 Sep 87 pages
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Rating: 134

#88 in Romance
#15 in Romantic suspense
#4 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Suspense


Mystery At The Mansion

Vijay Kerji

Rithika Menon, a college professor, has been murdered in her flat. At the time of the murder, her husband, Sampath Menon, is out shopping for groceries. Sampath's younger brother and his girlfriend hear Rithika screaming before she is murdered. Detective Mayur Varma decides to investigate the case. ... more info

Story about: mystery, detective, suspense mystery

Ongoing: 21 Sep 180 pages
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Rating: 10

#430 in Mystery
#390 in Thrillers & Suspense
#98 in Crime fiction

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