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Ariadne Black

Small towns hold the most secrets, some more dangerous than others. What happens when people start to be murdered or others begin to go missing? The police don't know who or what is killing these people. Amy is just a 16 year old girl who even in her own home is a stranger,her father is gone and her... more info

Story about: supernatural, secrets, teen

Complete 225 pages
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Rating: 17

#33 in Fantasy



Jessica Wright

"Go out with me". It's hard to believe that four simple words could change someone's whole life, but, ever since Amy's best friend said them to her, her life took turns she could never have expected. How do you go from childhood playmates to being in a romantic relationship? How does that work when ... more info

Story about: romance, teen, friendship

Ongoing: 10 Jul 104 pages
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Rating: 57

#44 in Young adult
#15 in School
#305 in Romance
#75 in Contemporary Romance


Songs of the Sky


Cradle, the country that Medley lives in is currently in disaster ever since the Sky Castle became silent. What could be the reason behind? That's when Medley has been summoned as one of the Key to the Sky Castle. But being a Key, you have to tame the 11 Songs of the said Castle and choose one of ... more info

Story about: fantasy, teen, romace

Ongoing: 31 Jul 36 pages
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Rating: 3

#117 in Fantasy
#46 in Romantic fantasy

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