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Jessica Thompson as That Girl

Quinn Catcher

Jessica Thompson is an everyday average gal. Who happens to have a very popular twin brother. Who also happens to be some-what friends with the most popular guy at school who's girlfriend often shoots mental bullets at her. And she also happens to make the hit list of the notorious bad boy. But,... more info

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Rating: 133

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The Bad Boy Bodyguard


He was the bad boy. She was the not-so-good-good-girl. Her brother was the captain of the basketball team. His best friend was Mr. Popular. ~~~ "What did he say?" I asked. "He told me to be your bodyguard." "My what?!" I scoffed. "Don't listen to him." His expression was unreadable. "What if I... more info

Story about: teenfiction, romance, highschoollove

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Rating: 303

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Something Between Us


(COMPLETED) Planning revenge on your best friend's ex for treating her like a tissue is good and all. But the popular good boy accidentally being the victim of it is not.... more info

Story about: love, life, teenfiction

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Rating: 45

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Behind the Eight Ball


Class Valedictorian, Star Center on the Basket Team, good grades, good kid pretty much sums up Finn Nash a Senior at Lenape Charter High. Having his whole life planned out for him, nothing could have surprised him more then a bizarre encounter with Brynn Shelby, class recluse. Brynn has her reaso... more info

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Ivy always saw the world through metaphors. Today was no different.... more info

Story about: summer, teenfiction, water

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Rating: 2

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The Amateur Love Part 2: The Necessary Betray


THE AMATEUR LOVE PART – 2: THE NECESSARY BETRAY After having a fight with Somi, a year passed without her. Vishal was just getting used to living without her but suddenly one day she meets him, and that day everything just change. He spends some more happy days with her. But the change doesn’... more info

Story about: romantic suspense, fiction, teenfiction

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Rating: 11

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Enchanted 《vol 1-2》


Alyssa Miller still can't get over her crush on Clydesdale Lawrence, who has repeatedly rejected her, and she hasn't given up on him despite the fact that he has a girlfriend. Clydesdale didn't have the chance to become close to Alyssa during their first year first semester, but by second semester, ... more info

Story about: fantasy, teenfiction, teen drama

Ongoing: 22 Aug 81 pages
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Rating: 5

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The Wrong Brother

Angela Lynn Carver

Millie Brown is a high school senior who had many suitors in her school, yet, she never went out on a date with anyone in the hopes of winning one boy's heart. Her best friend's older brother, Zack Myers. There was only one problem, Zack only sees her as a little sister! She almost started to gi... more info

Story about: love is selfless giving and reveiving, first love, teenfiction

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Rating: 77

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Together On a Coffee Date


He is a boy with an uncompleted love story in the past, stuck in life, trying to live and fight the boredom of youth and the generation. He knows the harsh realities and knows how to deal with them. ※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※✥※ She's a girl who lives i... more info

Story about: teenfiction, youngadult healing teenromance, romance dreadful past suspense

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Rating: 14

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