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Mysterious Destiny of Us


Yoon Su Yeon is a simple-minded, focused and nerdy girl, living an average life until things suddenly started to change when she meets a doctor who happens to be part of the underworld. Things started to get more complicated when some mysterious people from her past life starts emerging in her pres... more info

Story about: timetravel, tragedy love and loss, underworld king

Ongoing: 12 Jun 539 pages
10917 169

Rating: 30

#717 in Romance
#172 in Contemporary Romance
#50 in Contemporary fiction
#30 in ChickLit


A Matter of Timing

Tony Spencer

Alex Saunders is in the Royal Courts of Justice to hear his Appeal against the Divorce Court's filing that he had to attend reconciliation consultations with his unfaithful pregnant wife. He was hoping for a satisfactory outcome, his estranged wife confident that his Appeal would fail. A short flas... more info

Story about: divorce court appeal, cheating pregnant wife, timetravel

Complete 5 pages
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Rating: 0

#43 in Others
#29 in Humor
#272 in Fantasy
#125 in Romantic fantasy


Playing with reality. "Time"

Helen Polsi

And what will you feel when you wake up in the morning and realize that you are not in your cozy bedroom, but in a completely unfamiliar place? Shock? Fear? Despair? It was these emotions that overwhelmed Helen when she realized in the morning that she was nowhere to be seen. An unfamiliar apartmen... more info

Story about: adventures, timetravel, inexplicable bond

Ongoing: 13 Jun 199 pages
247 14

Rating: 19

#149 in Mystery
#311 in Fantasy
#18 in Urban fantasy

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