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In the Dragon's Keep

Silver Juniper

The yearly tribute to the Dragon of Saxonia has never been a particularly happy time of year, but this is the first year they have had to resort to a human sacrifice to appease the Dragon's hunger.... more info

Story about: the beauty of love, tragedy love and loss, werewolf

Ongoing: 19 May 142 pages
2427 84

Rating: 12

#57 in Fantasy
#4 in Epic fantasy
#361 in Romance
#5 in Historical Romance


Mysterious Destiny of Us


Yoon Su Yeon is a simple-minded, focused and nerdy girl, living an average life until things suddenly started to change when she meets a doctor who happens to be part of the underworld. Things started to get more complicated when some mysterious people from her past life starts emerging in her pres... more info

Story about: timetravel, tragedy love and loss, underworld king

Ongoing: 16 May 489 pages
9091 167

Rating: 29

#587 in Romance
#156 in Contemporary Romance
#39 in Contemporary fiction
#25 in ChickLit

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