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Vodka Gin

Tolmer Senikos is just your average guy. He's a designer living a normal life. Until, one day, he unexpectedly managed to catch his boss's eye. And, also, somehow managed to steal his heart. Yet, Tolmer was hesitant to accept him when the thing he had feared all his life came back to haunt him. ... more info

Story about: mystery romance, trauma, psychology

Ongoing: 15 Jan 86 pages
4197 71 13

Rating: 13

#460 in Romance
#8 in LGBT
#282 in Billionaires


Privacy Boundaries

Nhelle Joy Dan

Kaley Bryce McClave and Nia Balaquire meet at unexpected day and unexpected time. They see each other's flaws, strengths, weaknesses and hidden attitudes. Nia had a trauma when his father died in an airplane crash. Bryce had his own shares of pain when his ex-girlfriend killed herself in their own ... more info

Story about: trauma, love affair, suicide awareness

Ongoing: 16 Jan 30 pages
179 30 0

Rating: 0

#770 in Romance
#162 in Contemporary Romance



Dara Manuel

Not having much of a choice Jane Walker was forced into a path due to circumstances. She realized life wasn't so pleasant when she was not in control. Jane attempts to assemble her once-perfect, now disrupted life after losing a constant in her life. The struggle that came with grief seemed to consu... more info

Story about: romance, trauma, possesive billionaire

Ongoing: 31 Dec 68 pages
2095 249 0

Rating: 21

#803 in Romance
#54 in Contemporary fiction

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