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His Lost Peace


He only knew that money gives everything which is also true. But, will it give love? Love was something far away he has time for. His ego was something he always keeps him with. But, when a girl entered his life with a slap, he only wanted to prove his egoistic side. He did everything to prove to he... more info

Story about: billionaire ex, truelove, romantic and heartbreak

Ongoing: 23 Jun 19 pages
497 74

Rating: 14

#367 in Romance
#192 in Billionaires
#49 in Romantic suspense


If I Tie U Down

Stephanie Van Orman

Shannon and Fletch don't seem like a good match. He's a percussionist who plays with an orchestra and she's a closet vandal who unintentionally breaks men's hearts. When she accidentally kidnaps Fletch instead of a music producer named Carver Criche, Fletch can't wait to give her a piece of his mi... more info

Story about: romance comedy, romance love drama, truelove

Ongoing: 23 Jun 19 pages
39 39

Rating: 4

#790 in Romance
#11 in Others
#11 in Humor


What We Deserve (ricardo And Bethany) Bwwm


After getting cheated on and dumped by her ex-boyfriend and sulking over her failed relationship for over a year, Bethany decided to get off her feet and go outside more and stumbled upon Ricardo Herman. Ricardo lost his wife the day his daughter was brought into the world and has been a loving f... more info

Story about: truelove, officeromance, stepmotherlove

Ongoing: 08 Jun 108 pages
2794 80

Rating: 5

#1150 in Romance
#265 in Contemporary Romance


The Lovers

Heena Kundra, Mastani

Piya is a naive, spear and bold girl but only in the outside world, and in home she doesn't even raises her eyes at anyone. After the parents pass away, when she stays at her maternal aunt's house, she does not get the love that her parents used to give. Only her friend understood him in such a wo... more info

Story about: lovers, truelove, societal truth

Complete 116 pages
9486 189

Rating: 46

#4409 in Romance
#780 in Contemporary Romance
#501 in Thrillers & Suspense
#114 in Crime fiction

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