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The Perfect 10


Freedom. Just that seven letter word kept Wendy Hilton going every day. She wrapped herself in her mantra, the perfect 10 every day of her life. She wants to live by it, needs her life to be least to the satisfaction of her father. If she could she would be in her garden, engulfe... more info

Story about: family drama, trust, pain

Ongoing: 04 Sep 14 pages
165 35 10

Rating: 3

#49 in Young adult
#18 in School
#453 in Romance
#48 in New Adult & College



Shyy J Farnsworth

Karina is a young girl now trapped in a mental institute due to her mother turning her in for killing her boyfriend. Now with the voice in her head she's trying to find a way to gain back her freedom. Only problem is she's going to need help, the question is can she accomplish this without killing t... more info

Story about: love, trust, freedom

Complete 7 pages
352 76 2

Rating: 3

#224 in Thrillers & Suspense
#99 in Suspense
#1462 in Romance
#162 in New Adult & College



Walter Faith

As the CEO of a charity organization,Alex jodan has travelled a great deal,if not almost all the continents,while helping humanity. Well ALMOST... that's besides Africa,why? Well besides getting infected with malaria,snake bites and the likes...They are the infamous Black monkies. That's until ... more info

Story about: love, trust, race

Ongoing: 27 Aug 19 pages
215 38 2

Rating: 6

#1091 in Romance
#151 in Romantic suspense


Adam And Zoey


“One day when you find out the truth Zoey, you are going to regret everything you just said today. And the reason for our break up won’t be because I am a liar like you claim me to be but because the lack of trust you have in me” I stormed out of her house because if I stayed there a minute lo... more info

Story about: love, trust, story

Ongoing: 19 Sep 4 pages
188 54 0

Rating: 3

#822 in Romance
#61 in Others


A part of me that loves you


Born with silver spoon in her mouth, Amber Walker loves everyone around her passionately, she lived a peaceful life with everyone, not until one day, tragedy struck, she had an accident and became an amnesiac. She had a wrong memory, an exact opposite of how he life had been. She remembered being ha... more info

Story about: trust, lovestory, haunted memory

Ongoing: 19 Aug 12 pages
218 21 0

Rating: 1

#1126 in Romance
#158 in Romantic suspense
#217 in Contemporary Romance

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