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Sunset Glow

JA Magno

A Completely everyday life of Emma Green has turned upside down the moment she and that guy met at the cafe, her normal life had turned, might not be the worst but also not the best. She was his soulmate, his life, his love, his erastai, his human bride. He was her protector, her bestfriend, he... more info

Story about: vampires, romantic love, vampire human romance

Ongoing: 26 Feb 54 pages
1214 82 8

Rating: 35

#30 in Fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy
#277 in Romance
#9 in Paranormal Romance


A Sucker for You


[A booknet exclusive] Kamil, a vampire heiress, ran away from home and joined a nightclub as a stripper. To quench her thirst, she lured men into letting her have a taste of their blood. But one CEO rejects her advances. Humiliated, she sets out for a new goal: seduce him into submission. ... more info

Story about: opposites attract, ceo billionaire, vampire human romance

Ongoing: 21 Feb 34 pages
340 44 2

Rating: 4

#556 in Romance
#32 in Paranormal Romance
#78 in Fantasy
#4 in Urban fantasy

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