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Promises Delivered

Terri Stern

Eleven years after they were promised, Bastian Weir walks into Kat Moncur’s bookshop and announces it is time for them to wed. Kat is loathe to give up her shop to become the wife of the new head of the Weir werewolf pack. While Kat is a witch, she conceals her practice and prides herself on the v... more info

Story about: werewolf romance, werewolf and human marriage, werewolf and fated mated

Ongoing: 22 Jun 131 pages
2726 170

Rating: 18

#543 in Romance
#28 in Paranormal Romance
#143 in Contemporary Romance


Mated to the Alpha and the Rogue

June Estee

I have been chosen from birth to be the mate to the alpha of the strongest werewolf tribe even though I am human. I have trained for this moment all my life, but now when I am to be joined with my alpha, I have been kidnapped by the most notorious group of terrorists. I fear the leader, but not... more info

Story about: alphamale, werewolf and human marriage, werewolves and humans

Ongoing: 26 Apr 106 pages
3793 159

Rating: 53

#687 in Romance
#35 in Paranormal Romance

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