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Escaping Inescapable

Hasna Hena

Aaron Black Woodward the very next alpha king of the werewolf pack after his father Ethan Bell Woodward. To Aaron, werewolves are the strongest and best creature. He just hates human and think of them as weaklings. Naira Claire, a girl of mysterious character who comes off from a tough past whi... more info

Story about: werewolf king, strange girl, rejecting mate

Complete 137 pages
84485 1171

Rating: 163

#491 in Romance
#33 in Paranormal Romance
#34 in Mystery
#13 in Supernaturals


The Alpha King Samael

sam reigns

The phantoms, just a normal regular family in Tenac town. What happens when you realize you are one of the "stranger things" opposing every logic reasoning you've ever known?What happens when someone messes with your family and any one else close to you?What happens when you realize you were destine... more info

Story about: vampires and werewolves, witches and werewolves, werewolf king

Complete 148 pages
8893 102

Rating: 9

#151 in Fantasy
#931 in Romance
#63 in Paranormal Romance


Blood Wolf

Onome Gift

Daisy, after realizing that if she wants to be a good enough Luna for Victor she has to become stronger. This made her train herself in every way she could, she also set to learn more about the WERE world in general. But what are this strange dream she has been having these days, what secret is hidd... more info

Story about: werewolf king, werewolf mates, blood wolf curse

Ongoing: 28 Mar 38 pages
929 65

Rating: 11

#3474 in Romance
#267 in Paranormal Romance
#1023 in Fantasy
#96 in Action fantasy


Hiring The Wolf King

Maliha Khanam

Alisha saw herself lying on the floor. She was dead. She saw her family mourning for her, but no one could see her. She remembered seeing a shady woman before dying. That lady put her hand in Alisha's chest and pulled her heart out, without any wound, or any blood. Before leaving she looked at the s... more info

Story about: wolf king and rich human girl, werewolf loving human, werewolf king

Ongoing: 07 May 10 pages
72 10

Rating: 2

#305 in Fantasy
#150 in Romantic fantasy
#1508 in Romance
#113 in Paranormal Romance


Just Mine Mate

Mafia stepbrothers Series

Magnus was totally a mysterious man, he his king of world he knows powerful, arrogent and most he was not a human he is a beast who never die he is immortal a beast who can't leaver his prey who kill anybody if he wanted to He most powerful even your imagination He never want a mate he think he ... more info

Story about: supernatural, werewolf king

Ongoing: 06 Apr 6 pages
85 12

Rating: 5

#1849 in Romance
#168 in Paranormal Romance
#497 in Fantasy

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