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Once Upon a Full Moon

Lisa Muller

Luella can’t remember anything that happened before her thirteenth birthday after surviving the car accident that killed her parents and sister. Ten years later, she moves back to her hometown, hoping to connect the dots and finally learn who she was before losing her memories. But the moment she ... more info

Story about: werewolf in love with a human, werewolf mates, werewolf fated mates

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Rating: 144

#100 in Romance
#3 in Paranormal Romance
#14 in Fantasy
#7 in Romantic fantasy


Alpha's Alluring Enchantress...


Love, the words known to all, but found by only a few fortunate beings. ALPHA MAGNUS, a charming man, a powerful ruler, a beloved King, & a perfect family man, is tired of the weight of responsibilities, & his loneliness, without the shade of love in his life, & an army of enemies. Wh... more info

Story about: werewolf mates, alluring enchantress, love and suspense

Complete 310 pages
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Rating: 30

#144 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance
#18 in Fantasy
#10 in Romantic fantasy



Onome Gift

To the Phoenix Pack who are new to the environment, The Amazonian werewolves are a strange species of werewolves. Not only do they rely purely on their strength and the nature around them, they also have little to no knowledge of the human world and civilization. The strong beauty of Sonia, the Warr... more info

Story about: love trial, werewolf mates, werewolf princess

Complete 165 pages
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Rating: 21

#664 in Romance
#38 in Paranormal Romance
#90 in Fantasy
#2 in Action fantasy



Lisa Muller

Derek Hale x OC (First book of the series) Meet Stiles' twin sister, Riley, a girl whose whole world turns upside-down after meeting dead serious, mysterious Derek Hale. Suddenly, everything becomes freaky when she discovers a supernatural world she thought never existed. While evil lurked around ev... more info

Story about: supernatural, fanfiction romance, werewolf mates

Complete 261 pages
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Rating: 7

#8 in Fanfiction
#3 in Movies Fanfiction
#721 in Romance
#43 in Paranormal Romance


They Call Him The Tank

Lana Fox

His name says it all, Gunnar. It is of Nordic origin and means fighter, soldier, or attacker. The perfect adjectives to describe Shadow Creek’s Beta, a beast of a man, made almost entirely of muscle. After years of waiting, Gunnar has given up hope in ever finding his mate. THEY CALL HIM THE TAN... more info

Story about: chef, werewolf mates, beta

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Rating: 28

#20 in Others
#19 in Humor
#171 in Fantasy
#87 in Romantic fantasy


The Marked One


Eighteen-year-old Rue Baker doesn't like werewolves. Matter of fact, she loathes werewolves. But on the night of a full moon, she ventured into the woods and stumbled upon a werewolf. The werewolf wasn't just any werewolf – it was an alpha werewolf. The werewolf marks her as his mate. Now, marked ... more info

Story about: werewolf in love with a human, werewolf mates, werewolf and human fated mates

Ongoing: 10 Jun 46 pages
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Rating: 29

#193 in Fantasy
#98 in Romantic fantasy
#74 in Young adult
#20 in School


Mate or God?

Veronica P Vito

To the humans, she's the woman of God. A forbidden fruit that cannot be touched by anyone. To the werewolves, she's someone's Mate. A woman who was destined to be someone's lover alone. ~~~ Jenna Harrison left her mate and become a human because she wasn't okay with her mate being best friends... more info

Story about: werewolves, pain and sorrow, werewolf mates

Complete 121 pages
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Rating: 19

#37 in Horror
#21 in Paranormal
#1768 in Romance
#132 in Paranormal Romance

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