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The Wizard's Slave

Honey Sison

Ages ago, witches and wizards were hunted by humans. Some were burned, hanged, or beheaded. 200 years ago, they came back to avenge their kin and took over the world. 100 years ago, they agreed to stop the bloodshed and live with humans in harmony. Since then, even though we lived in peace,... more info

Story about: romance, paranormal romance, witches and wizards

Ongoing: 25 Feb 39 pages
472 44 18

Rating: 13

#38 in Fantasy
#18 in Romantic fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy


When A Witch Falls In Love

Barnali Bhuiya

Mike Adler, a rude, arrogant heir of Adler enterprise. Handsome, a notorious playboy, who doesn't care about anything in the world. Angela, a 19 years old Witch. Breathtakingly gorgeous, but never been out of her little room. Mike has been saved by Angela for once and that was the first time h... more info

Story about: love at first sight, fantasy romance, witches and wizards

Ongoing: 20 Feb 22 pages
1037 115 2

Rating: 16

#441 in Romance
#20 in Paranormal Romance
#56 in Fantasy

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