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His Cure

Whitney Bridge

Meet Zeron who was cursed by a witch and ended up becoming a demon who continually struggles with his darkness. Then there's Alanna, the orphan human girl who is the answer to his problems. For Zeron to be able to survive the curse that had been placed on him, he has to bond with the human girl in e... more info

Story about: magic, witches, demon and human romance

Ongoing: 02 Mar 73 pages
2710 172 15

Rating: 21

#192 in Romance
#5 in Paranormal Romance
#18 in Fantasy
#8 in Romantic fantasy


White Prince


ELOISE RICHARD is a 18 year old girl.She lost her parents after an accident and started living with her chivalrous aunt Chelsea and her troublesome brother Alexander.Everything was normal in her life until she met him.Her life was turned upside down.What will she do when she'll find out her family's... more info

Story about: fantasy, king, witches

Complete 160 pages
29089 1036 48

Rating: 53

#215 in Fantasy
#114 in Romantic fantasy


Academy of Uncanny Magics

Rosina Moon

In Zolhan, witches are born, rather than made. Zinnia is an artist. Born with her mother's magic, Zinnia can produce the most beautiful creatures with only a brush and a thought. If only it was a magic worth praising. Unlike her twin brother Aspen, Zinnia's magic is common, an embarrassment. As... more info

Story about: witches, mystery romance, magic academy

Ongoing: 26 Feb 13 pages
31 4 0

Rating: 0

#557 in Fantasy
#294 in Romantic fantasy
#158 in Mystery
#88 in Supernaturals


The Undivulge Candour

Aiman Sumran

Life of a normal teenage girl is turned upside down when she strangely got bounded to the prince of light or what mundane called them witches. In order to learn about this stranger Roseash uncover the secret laid unfolded about her family’s past .Will Roseash will be able to follow the light or tu... more info

Story about: demon, witches, love story of light and dark world

Ongoing: 25 Feb 17 pages
99 21 3

Rating: 2

#1400 in Romance
#457 in Fantasy
#229 in Romantic fantasy


My Mother-In-Law Is a Witch (short story)

Лилия Касмасова

A young girl is going to get married and finds out that the mother of her groom, and moreover, all the women in his family are witches! (Sorry for my english, it's not perfect. I'm russian writer.)... more info

Story about: family, witches, wedding

Complete 15 pages
1541 84 9

Rating: 5

#1413 in Fantasy
#613 in Romantic fantasy
#64 in Urban fantasy


Alex's Choice

Lara Cliff

Alex made a choice to save her grandmother and uncle from an attack she reveals her powers knowing that she would become and enemy of the Council and would be executed. Alex waiting on her fate gets rescued by Nick the man she has no place having attraction to especially since he tried to kill her f... more info

Story about: witches, building on trust, family and relationships

Ongoing: 14 Feb 34 pages
43 8 0

Rating: 0

#1383 in Romance
#202 in Paranormal Romance

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