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Anna Steel

"Ethan, I have to tell you something. Well, ask you something, really. I mean I'm going to tell you something, but then I'm going to - " I cut her off by placing my hand gently over her mouth. She rambles when she's nervous, plus my hand will keep me from kissing her. "Deep breath," I coach her and ... more info

Story about: romance, young adult, young adult romance

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Rating: 19

#310 in Romance
#18 in Young adult


The American

Amal A Usman

This is a story about two people who knew how to express the word hate more than anything else to one another. Ethan hates Adina more than anything in the world and would give anything to see her perish into thin air. While on the other hand Adina could careless about Ethan other than the fact that ... more info

Story about: bwwm, young adult romance, lovehaterelationship

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Rating: 22

#379 in Romance
#26 in New Adult & College


A Hearty Proposal

Vijay Kerji

Manu Pai, a Software Engineer, becomes grief-stricken after his father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He and his mother decide to fulfill his father’s last wish of seeing Manu getting married to a decent girl. Manu sees a girl, Pallavi Dixit, and gets attracted by her beauty. But Pallavi is... more info

Story about: young adult romance, indian romance, indian arranged marriage

Ongoing: 22 Sep 215 pages
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Rating: 7

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#11 in Inspiration romance
#130 in Contemporary Romance


Behind His Mask

Stephanie Van Orman

Evander is a complete mystery to Sarah until she's given a spell book he authored. Is he a tortured prince? A bloodthirsty jester? The owner of the haunted mansion or the man hired to drive the ghosts out? Only the book will tell.... more info

Story about: paranormal romance, young adult, young adult romance

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Rating: 10

#750 in Romance
#37 in Paranormal Romance
#47 in Young adult


When Love Returns

Osaro Oghadeva

Sight = Check Dreams = Check Family and friends = Double check Cassiopeia finally has her sight, dreams, family and friends. Possibly all she wants out of life! But the painful realization of Jason's demise still hovers around her. In the quest of self-establishment, She encounters a fres... more info

Story about: love, love letters, young adult romance

Complete 170 pages
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Rating: 218

#78 in Young adult
#1172 in Romance

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