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When Love Returns

Osaro Oghadeva

Sight = Check Dreams = Check Family and friends = Double check Cassiopeia finally has her sight, dreams, family and friends. Possibly all she wants out of life! But the painful realization of Jason's demise still hovers around her. In the quest of self-establishment, She encounters a fres... more info

Story about: love, love letters, young adult romance

Complete 170 pages
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Rating: 159

#24 in Young adult
#285 in Romance


Never expected

Phoenix Still in ash

Life has never been easy on anyone. But what happens when you are burdend with every aspect of life trying to push you down. Same happens with Tria for 18 years. No one outside her family knows what happened that summer. She moves out to live alone by herself in Seattle with a job and scholarship... more info

Story about: young adult romance, self love, family love

Ongoing: 26 Aug 222 pages
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Rating: 36

#295 in Romance
#31 in New Adult & College


Paths in our Fate


Syrien, an entitled playboy from america who do nasty stuff, everything he got in a snap because that was fucking previledged was him. But his life changed when his father sent him to the land of Philippines, he was mad that time but he doesn't have a choice to obey. He thinks that philippines have ... more info

Story about: young adult romance, romance erotico

Ongoing: 22 Sep 32 pages
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Rating: 5

#608 in Romance
#137 in Contemporary Romance

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