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Existence Hollowed: Our Origins

David R. Quigley

A record of our outer spaces location. Revealing the secrets of how our outer space was a solid matter before it began dissolving, leaving us with the hollowed area we live in reffered to as existence. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: space, religion, matter

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#341 in Mystery
#169 in Supernaturals


The Birth of a Nephilim

Kuro Tenshin

This story is about the eternal love of Hannah Adair to her beloved Elijah. Hannah is the sole daughter of an aristocrat while Elijah is nothing but a commoner. Hannah's father, Michael, will do any means to separate both of them. One night, at the same time as the appearance of the "Blue Moon", ... more info

Story about: angel, love story, shortstory

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Rating: 5

#56 in Short stories
#115 in Mystery
#60 in Supernaturals


19th Winter


Every day, Every time of the howling hours of midnight--Izha is told of warning by her mother "never go into the woods." For there is a monster, a horrible creature who kills for blood. Hear it? The cries, the wails, the howling of his victims is making my skin crawl. Izha...Every day, and ev... more info

Story about: adventure, darkfantasy, dark fantasy adventure

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#701 in Fantasy




Choosing your path, you need to navigate correctly... more info

Story about: horror, supernatural

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#16 in Horror
#11 in Paranormal
#99 in Mystery
#51 in Supernaturals



R. Diamond40

sometimes we are born in the wrong place.... ... more info

Story about: desire for love , destiny, society vs self

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#173 in Others
#121 in Short stories


Devata of the Silver Lance Book 1: Wanderer

AC Coldphoenix

A warrior who lost his memory of his past and living far away from his world. Now, a priestess in need of saving will summon the most powerful hero. A man who must discover his past to discover his true self and the power that was locked inside of him. A woman who must forget her past in order to ac... more info

Story about: fantasy gods, action and adventure, martial arts

Ongoing: 01 Jan 141 pages
2559 79 27

Rating: 10

#1162 in Fantasy
#108 in Epic fantasy
#133 in Action fantasy




Elusive (e·lu·sive) : adjective : difficult to find, catch, or achieve Which of the two worlds of Odette and Robert are elusive?... more info

Story about: billionaires, business woman, billionare love

Ongoing: 26 Nov 30 pages
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Rating: 1

#1798 in Romance
#881 in Billionaires
#94 in Contemporary fiction
#29 in Urban life



simon 1982

Arthur hadn't seemed to have got to grips with the word no. Everyone was aware of this floor. ... more info

Story about: how far can a soft touch be pushed

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Rating: 6

#422 in Mystery
#339 in Short stories


Prisoners' Daughter


I have posted the story in 2016 from the other website. Somehow some people loved it. Hope you will love it too! ... more info

Story about: family drama, family bond love romamce

Ongoing: 24 Dec 6 pages
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Rating: 0

#1308 in Romance
#233 in Contemporary Romance
#73 in Inspiration romance


Arx's Re:life Side Story: Warspite's Route


This is a side story of the original Arx's RE:Life story narrating from the perspective of 'What If' Arx had chosen Warspite as his love target instead of Belfast. What will happen between him and Belfast's relationship? Find out here!!... more info

Story about: shipgirls, happy ending

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#83 in Fanfiction
#17 in Anime Fanfiction


"I am Still, I am not Afraid"


God sends people to be angels in the world. They are pure, happy, innocent and beautiful, in body heart and soul. This book will help you see angels or goodness in everything, in people, in times or events. There are no coincidences but purpose and destiny.... more info

Story about: courage, inspirational, spiritual

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Rating: 4

#186 in Others
#45 in Non-fiction
#26 in Action & Adventures
#3 in Western


The Spaces In Between


Samantha Filomena Cruz, the epitome of kindness, empathy, elegance, and solicitude, got her life ruined when her parents arranged her to get married with Desmond Tyrel Martinez, after graduating college.... more info

Story about: love, reality, billionaires in love

Ongoing: 13 Dec 10 pages
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Rating: 3

#1469 in Romance
#711 in Billionaires
#258 in Contemporary Romance


""I Can and I Will


Sometimes when we are stricken by illness, bad luck or even this pandemic. We tend to give up and be lazy not to strive for the best in life. We stay in our comfort zones even if we are lonely and unfulfilled. Why? Then, read this to know why you need to dream big, act on it and live in your amazing... more info

Story about: self help, inspirational, power of positivity

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Rating: 4

#185 in Others
#44 in Non-fiction
#120 in Contemporary fiction
#39 in Urban life


To every person who thinks their life isn’t worth writing

Sofi Nik

The story is about me and how in an attempt to brighten up my life I almost missed the simplicity of it... more info

Story about: comingofage, adlulting, selfreflection

Ongoing: 29 Nov 2 pages
55 9 1

Rating: 1

#83 in Others
#19 in Non-fiction
#160 in Young adult
#83 in School


Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic

David R. Quigley

A explanation of creational magic and its secrets, explained in comparison and mathematical formula. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: god, bible, religion

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Rating: 0

#340 in Mystery
#168 in Supernaturals


Lestones. Part 1

Евгения Бацман

One morning, lestones woke up and realized that they were a new race. But why didn’t they feel it before? Who is outside their country - friend or foe? Or maybe they are enemies themselves? But there is no time for reflection. A terrible force is moving on their lands. What should they do: run, su... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, hero

Complete 150 pages
9767 55 21

Rating: 5

#1249 in Fantasy
#124 in Epic fantasy


The Prince and Me


"love happens only once in a lifetime,Tara. That happened with you but its because of you my love for you turned into hatred" Boy the anger was clearly evident in his voice, though his eyes was clearly betraying him. He continues "Remember even if you are the last girl on this earth i will never lov... more info

Story about: possesive billionaire, marriage drama, romance with billonaire

Ongoing: 09 Jan 17 pages
690 55 10

Rating: 11

#2186 in Romance
#1106 in Billionaires


Hello from the upside down!

Lee Khatch

It's a short episode of my life or survival, choose whatever you'd like!... more info

Story about: life, survival, funny people

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Rating: 0

#236 in Others
#55 in Non-fiction


The Black Beetle

Emerson Grey

On his first solo case, a detective is assigned the death of teenager Leland Danielevski who was killed in a strange car accident. The only clue left behind is a small black stone carved into the shape of a beetle. When a grave is opened and answers are found, the detective's fate is forever changed... more info

Story about: supernatural, horror mystery

Complete 9 pages
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Rating: 2

#420 in Short stories
#155 in Horror
#92 in Paranormal


Hidden in the Shadows: Book Two

Olivia Gordon Reid

Picked up right after the events of book one, Renee Patterson, teenage agent of the United States Magical Creatures Council, awaits her fate after letting the vampire princess Gwendolyn Redgrave escape from her prison cell. When she nearly gets fired dozens of times, Renee thinks she has it bad—un... more info

Story about: magic, coming of age, battles

Complete 103 pages
1622 217 1

Rating: 10

#350 in Mystery
#174 in Supernaturals
#760 in Fantasy
#70 in Action fantasy

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