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Narsus, Gabriel and the snow bear


In the remote Northern Town of Wakkanai, Hokkaido the people begin to see in the snow strange paw prints too large to belong to the brown bear, leaving animal conservationists wondering what could it be?... more info

Story about: spiritual, spirits, japanese folklore

Complete 13 pages
851 12 15

Rating: 1

#814 in Fantasy
#356 in Mystery
#177 in Supernaturals


The power of Love

Sumaiya Qamar

A story between a Muslim true lover name ADAM who is a doctor by profession falls in love with a very stubborn Muslim girl named JULIA. The most hatred thing for her is to get in relationship with opposite gender especially the billionaire. The story take place in FINLAND. Due to some bad experience... more info

Story about: loyal lover, stubborn girl, blood war

Ongoing: 21 Sep 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#697 in Romance
#295 in Billionaires
#50 in Inspiration romance


Modern Cinderella


This story is about love, career. Inna is young lady with big dreams about her career. Her life is rapidly changing due to the turn of fate. And here is what such a turn will bring to her ...... more info

Story about: love, career, twist of fate

Complete 11 pages
774 71 6

Rating: 8

#1473 in Romance
#193 in Short stories


The Dragon and the lighting ball


Yè fēng lives high in a mountain village that has to not only put up with fierce storms and harsh winters, but also huge lizard like creatures that the mortals also call dragons. One night a terrible storm hits the village leaving behind an unexpected surprise.... more info

Story about: fantasy, dragons

Complete 49 pages
5364 25 12

Rating: 2

#761 in Fantasy
#184 in Dark fantasy


Inside & Out

Ava V C

Alice Dawson is a college student who loves her family.. But can't wait to get rid of 'em You can't blame her...her mom kissed her boyfriend before she even had the chance to. Five brothers, Her brother's best friend And wired parents She doesn't get the chance at a life she really wants... more info

Story about: love pain and humour

Ongoing: 07 Aug 41 pages
732 89 8

Rating: 8

#169 in Young adult
#137 in Others
#50 in Humor


The Beautiful People

PJ Lowry

A weekend getaway meant to get away from the stresses of life is anything but, as troubled pasts boil to the surface. Their boss makes this weekend more about work than play, which only increases tensions. ... more info

Story about: realtionships, work and home, getting ahead

Ongoing: 12 Sep 99 pages
56454 204 13

Rating: 9

#216 in Contemporary fiction
#400 in Others
#111 in Humor


Through the Portal

Jessica Wright

William, Meredith, Jake, Henry and Josie are runaway foster kids who live in an abandoned apartment in Asheville. They steal what they need to survive, but, one night, they get into trouble and a strange girl named Katherine rescues them. She convinces the children to let her stay the night with the... more info

Story about: adventure, romance, magic

Complete 197 pages
8732 124 18

Rating: 27

#476 in Young adult
#862 in Fantasy


Legend of a swordswoman


A girl's first interest to play a game that her brother is playing. Then she notice that the game became all too real for her. So how would she cope with the all-so-real enviroment of the game?... more info

Story about: games

Complete 99 pages
13568 37 13

Rating: 8

#856 in Fantasy
#120 in Fanfiction
#13 in Video games Fanfiction


We Are Here : Can U Hear Us Now : Bk -2.1 (limited Edition.)

Autumn Nolan

March is women's national history month and so in honor of us the powerful and beautiful people who run the world. we give to you the limited edition book from us! THE YOUNG AUTHORS WITH A MISSION! in this book you will find a variety of things including: stories, poetry, people who inspire us, lis... more info

Story about: women empowerment, limited edition

Complete 5 pages
1099 11 2

Rating: 1

#444 in Young adult
#379 in Short stories


National Emergency: Manhunt

Jared B

Six months after a nuclear incident in Essenbach, Germany, Blake Hunter is trying to recuperate after being caught up in its devastating events. He lives a normal life with his sister Samantha, until an assassination and her near death drags him into a worse nightmare. Book cover by @luso_sami on... more info

Story about: thriller, suspence, redemption

Ongoing: 19 Aug 6 pages
130 15 8

Rating: 9

#117 in Thrillers & Suspense
#22 in Action thriller
#44 in Suspense


Home For The Holidays

PJ Lowry

All Artie Jackson wanted was the whole family to be home for Christmas. He was about to learn the hard way that one must be careful of what they wish for... ... more info

Story about: christmas, family drama, trickery

Complete 34 pages
2043 81 5

Rating: 2

#310 in Others
#90 in Humor
#177 in Contemporary fiction
#39 in Urban life


Love Between Multiverses


Sarah hated Daksh with everything she could. She can't even tolerate being around him. He was this annoying, charming, popular bad boy kind of a guy who goes to the same college. Meanwhile, in her dream, she finds a way to the parallel world where Daksh carry a completely different individuality... more info

Story about: parallel universe, bad boy in love

Ongoing: 08 Sep 8 pages
267 88 2

Rating: 10

#156 in Fantasy
#66 in Romantic fantasy
#871 in Romance


Songs of the Sky


Cradle, the country that Medley lives in is currently in disaster ever since the Sky Castle became silent. What could be the reason behind? That's when Medley has been summoned as one of the Key to the Sky Castle. But being a Key, you have to tame the 11 Songs of the said Castle and choose one of ... more info

Story about: fantasy, teen, romace

Ongoing: 22 Aug 41 pages
146 12 0

Rating: 3

#238 in Fantasy
#102 in Romantic fantasy




Deceit: the act of making a person believe something that is not true. 26 year old charming bachelor named Giovanni De Luca struggles to find true love due to people failing to see past his wealth and status, but what if all that disappeared in a blink of an eye. Rosalie Raveloson is a 19 ye... more info

Story about: deception

Ongoing: 25 Aug 21 pages
472 86 2

Rating: 7

#1231 in Romance
#472 in Billionaires


The Sweet Series

Hallie Schlauch

Multiple excerpts that tell a story of true love. When a raccoon falls in love with a peach. Because of him, I learned what it's like to be loved.... more info

Story about: romance, friendship, friendship and romance

Ongoing: 02 Aug 15 pages
725 62 2

Rating: 3

#1129 in Romance
#86 in Short stories


The Mice in the Kitchen

Monica Euen

In pursuit of a new life, three beings meet by chance without knowing that this encounter will decide their fates. Mice, spells, princes and poisoned apples. This is not a fairy tale... or is it? ... more info

Story about: magic, love, mystery

Complete 138 pages
4543 15 2

Rating: 3

#635 in Fantasy
#1707 in Romance


Flysticks: Wandbreaker

Michael A. Romain

Wands are illegal, but allowed in a broomracing tournament. We follow Emily, who joins with a purpose more precious than glory!... more info

Story about: a broomracing festival

Ongoing: 19 Sep 6 pages
13 0 0

Rating: 0

#258 in Short stories
#1582 in Romance


Cover - Up Order

K.R Webber

Benjamin Hansen has returned from his work and is confused about what he should be cooking for his murderer. He can't wait to get killed but he can't keep one thing out of his mind....FEAR... more info

Story about: supernatural, depression, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
1510 68 8

Rating: 7

#309 in Mystery
#156 in Supernaturals
#302 in Thrillers & Suspense
#66 in Crime fiction


The Tier Family


Growing up is hard enough but it was three times more so for sixteen year old Tessa. She started off shifting from foster home to foster home landing in "Mother's Home" before finally being adopted by the Tier's. A bizarre family that just so happens to be secretive and modern with a knack fo... more info

Story about: secrets, science fantasy, the tier family

Ongoing: 13 Aug 10 pages
57 2 0

Rating: 0

#18 in Science fiction
#218 in Fantasy

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