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Genesis (hole # 0.1 Saga)


Saga: The Hole

En el texto hay:action, fiction, fictiongereral

3 306

Ranking actual:
#1633 en Ciencia ficción
#2688 en Misterio

Pausado: 13 Mayo 17 pág.

Publicación: 11.05.2021 — ...

Sinopsis del libro "Genesis (hole # 0.1 Saga)"

Lies, secrets and truths Who tell the truth? Who to trust? They have already declared war, But who are the culprits? The universe is divided, and darkness dictates the rules, the traitors are good actors and the innocent are their victims, a cruel and ruthless game that has been thrown to the table, so there is no time to sleep, it is time to fight, for the truth and for humanity. You are ready?.

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