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In Search of the Golden Prince.

Peter O Marz

En el texto hay:romanc drama fantasa, romanti love, sex pastion rude sex bdsm

Restricción: 18+

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Publicación: 13.11.2020 — ...

Sinopsis del libro "In Search of the Golden Prince."

Hello, I am Samantha a woman like millions in the world, since I was a child when I played with my dolls, and I saw the caricatures of princesses and princes, always left in my mind, a dream that my life would be so, to find. My Golden Prince, a man who, when I looked at him, was lost with passion and love, who was strong and very handsome, who was the envy of all the girls of the orb, and who had castles and fortune, that the money was to help and be happy, that he was a millionaire.
And especially that he loved me with delusion and passion.
Today I finish my professional career, as a Surgeon Doctor, until today I have not yet found my Prince. I'm 24 years old now, and I'm still waiting for you with an immense desire.
After many pilgrimage, today I have a promising interview at a world

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