371 Days With You

Chapter 8

Zayn's POV


Three days have passed since we submitted our projects, and so far, I'm stressed out. It's already hell week for us students, and I can't even rest because of the upcoming end semester exams. Halloween is getting nearer, too.


This week will be filled with deadlines and quizzes. I can't believe I slacked off just because I got to spend a couple of hours with Priscilla.


I rest my jaw on my palm and smile a bit. Seeing Priscilla with a rather embarrassed expression is a memory engraved in my mind. I laugh when I remember seeing her lose her composure when I look up at her.


I cover my whole face and smile. Snatching my phone from my pocket, I look at my wallpaper. It's a group photo consisting of five people— Priscilla, Caskin, Raven, Uncle, and I. Priscilla is in the middle with me on her right side. Beside me is Uncle giving a peace sign. In contrast to that, Priscilla has Raven on her left, while Caskin is at the end.


"Whoa, whoa. What a grin there, my friend. I smell something fishy. Hmmm."


I turn off my phone casually and eye Zayn. I learn that they also had their share of fun with their photoshoot. Instead of Anna being the model, Kyle volunteered. Maybe he was jealous?


"Good afternoon, class."


We stand up and greet back. Our last subject teacher for the day, our Personal Development teacher, is also the one who assigned the photoshoot project to us.


"What can you say about the project I gave you? Did you have fun?" he asks.


The majority cheers yes, but I choose to stay silent. It was fun and all, but there were instances wherein we were awkward with each other. Well, that's my experience.


"I am surprised by the outcome of the project, as expected of this class. Give yourselves some praise!"


The class cheers and claps. One thing I realized is that in this subject, our teacher rarely gives out praises. Once he does, it's because he really means it. I expected less from a Personal Development teacher. He suits this subject the best.


"As per usual, I'll start handing out your projects student by student. All students except for Zayn, leave the room, and do not loiter."


After chatting with some of my classmates, I decide to go to the library. It's been a while since I've last read. Going down the stairs was a really quiet trip, and you can actually tell that classes are ongoing.


Logging in my name and time of visiting, I head to where my photo was taken. Sitting down on the exact same tile, I picture Priscilla and where I think she stood with her polaroid camera.


Leaning my head against the books, I sigh. I want to see her already. It's been days since I sent that text, but I still haven't gotten a reply. I know for sure that she read it, because I saw her from her window.


I inhale the smell of books and lie on my back. Pick up a random book, I lift it and use it to cover my face.




I shut my eyes instantly. It's Zayn, removing the book from my face.


"You're the last one. Get up."


I grab his hand and pull myself up. Yawning, I ascend to our room and sit on the chair before the teacher. By now, it is already nearing four in the afternoon. He extended his time for an another hour, I see. It seems like some of my classmates were talked to for a long time. Well, considering our number for a single class, it's impossible to fit all those conversations into just an hour.


After taking his bag and exchanging goodbyes, I enter the room.


It's strange for him to go home this early, and even when he does, he just plays games instead of reviewing and preparing for this hell week.


"Your project surprised me the most, Xyver. It is splendid." He starts with a compliment, as usual.


"Thank you, sir."


I'm glad he likes it, as it means our efforts weren't wasted. It's all thanks to Priscilla, because without her, I would've failed for sure.


"You must be close with your model, seeing how she approved and helped you in this."


Close? I guess?


"We're just acquaintances."


"Oh, is that so. Well anyways, I just wanted to know something."


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