371 Days With You

Chapter 11

Priscilla's POV


I huff a breath and lean back. My final client for the day just left so I relax on my seat. It was a good thing my client only wanted an ear piercing and nothing more. I trash my disposable gloves and clean the studio. Spotting that everything is cleaned properly, I switch off the lights. Making my way to the kitchen, I receive a message from Kyle saying he'll be out late.


Right, today is his day off and he spent the whole day accompanying Anna in her business. What a good boyfriend really, I salute to a man like that. Uncle, on the other hand, is also absent, the reason was not stated but today is a particular date for him to not be here.


I put the rice and dish in one plate and go to the microwave. Waiting for 2 minutes, I made myself some coffee in the process. The microwave chimes, I place a cloth on the table before placing the hot plate.


I scroll on my social media and it was bombarded with notifications and follow requests. I deleted all of it since I follow just a number of people. I went to my account and saw my recent post gained a thousand of reacts. I hummed and smirked, people are already speculating ideas just from a single picture.


Curious what is it? It's a picture of Xyver while is face is blocked by his own arm. I got this shot when he was rummaging his locker for the photobook. It was a bit dark on his place and it complemented the orange streaks of light from my place resulting an aesthetic picture. It was a risky shot to be honest although I executed it just fine.


Cupping my cheek, I scroll down to the comment section and released a scoff.


"... is he your boyfriend?"


"He somewhat looks familiar. The build and all."


"What school does he go to?"


"Man, if my partner was that tall, imma hug him all day."


Wow, the top comments looks pretty decent so far. I scroll to the bottom and only see a few overrated comments. I turn off my phone and finish my meal, clean the plates and utensils and fished out my last stick of cigar.


Taking off my ponytail, I leaned my back and huff a smoke. The night is chilly yet it doesn't make me feel cold. Should I text Kelvin and tell him to buy beer?


"This is Timothy's studio, isn't it?"


I remove the tobacco butt from my lips and look at the man. Looking at his figure, he's age is close to Uncle. And basing from what he said, he has a close relationship with Uncle. Who might this person be? I stand straight and near the door.


"Yes, do you have business with him?" I asked bluntly


He seems taken aback but still replied me with a smile.


"I'm a friend of his. I'm sure I told him I wanted to get an ear piercing tonight but it seems he's not here." He scratch his head and gave an awkward smile.


Is that so? I step on my cigar and open the door. I'll tend to him since I don't want to waste his efforts on coming here. I could spare some minutes for him. And I think Uncle is coming home soon, might as well let him know that his guest is here when he gets home.


"I'll do it." I said


"Is it fine?" He asked and enter


Why enter if you didn't want to? I sighed quietly and replied with a simple "yes." I went to the lounge and nodded at him. Before me is a glass display filled with ear piercings of different types.


"What kind of ear pierce are you achieving?" I ask


He bows his head and stared each one intently. I stared at his built as he scan the displayed jewelries. I squint my eyes when I feel a familiar presence from him, somewhat nostalgic. Did I

meet him already?


I took a step back to adjust my position. He's taking too much time on deciding, don't tell me he doesn't have something particular to achieve? Was he gonna ask Uncle what suited him best? I shouldn't have offered him to enter if that's the case.


"I don't really know because I planned to let Timothy decide." He confesses


Knew it.


"Then, would you like a recommendation?"


And just what nonsense am I spouting right now?


I don't know myself. He gives off a familiar aura, too familiar for me not to ignore.


"Then please do."


“I’ll ask a few questions first." I say and offer him a chair.


He nods as response so I grab my notepad and a pen, I sit across him and start the questions. This might be unnecessary for others than me but I always start my business with questions to help me understand what they're here for.






Oh, he's younger than Uncle, a year gap.




"Is smoking a hobby?"


I'm not sure myself, if you do it more than 5 times a day then I guess it is? Anyways, I still write it down.






He's not married yet? Strange, most of the people I know get married at the age of 30. Well, it's not my life anyways, who am I to question his decisions?


"What do you want your earring to mean?" I ask


He lean back. I let him take his time, since it's his first time piercing. I'm sure he'll think about it thoroughly but his stoic expression made me flinch for a second.


"Freedom of expression."


I blink my eyes and wrote down what he said. I am slightly affected by his answer, because the meaning is similar to mine.


"Your ear shape is pointed," I say and draw an example. "Your ear is suited to have any type of earring but I recommend getting an industrial and an eyebrow piercing. Are you fine getting your eyebrows pierced?"


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