Aria & Neil

Chapter - 5

She did see him a few times while he was either leaving the villa or accompanying his team and her mother in the multiple visits to the company, although the conversation between them during these short visits was minimal. She, on the other hand, remained engaged in giving her cousin, Michael, an account of the way things was carried on at the company and the villa. She herself wasn’t an expert on them but as he was very keen to know, she nevertheless gave him some heads ups about her mother’s passion and devotion to the company and the grandeur the Greene Villa possessed in the eyes of the whole world.

In addition to these, she acquired a new hobby of having an understanding of the fashion world. As she now considered herself a centre of the public attention, she thought it would help build a specific style for her status. So she spent her time looking at catalogues of various brands and drawing fashion illustrations of the things she wanted to have.

On her achieving the status of a billionaire, her mother had instructed her to not pay any heed to what other people were saying about them as she believed that when one is at a higher or worthy position, everyone wants to have a place in their private life but it is their job to not give them anything. Aria, although never cared about these things, was always curious to read how the world saw her because she could never deny that there was not the whole but a tiny bit of truth or fact in them. Everyday, a number of articles were printed about her with only a few of them having facts, and they too were tiny or hidden in the gossipy headlines. As she went through them, the headlines like ‘The lavish lifestyle of Aria Greene’, ‘The life of the billionaire princess’, ‘The many sides of the nerd billionaire’ etc. were prominent. While she was searching about herself, she thought of doing her own little inquiry about Neil. So she googled his name but there was hardly any information regarding him except a few of his pictures posing with his group of friends or classmates.

She called in the company to check if Neil was there but they replied that he didn’t come there at all today. As there was not much else to do for her, she decided to roam in the luxuriant gardens of the Greene Villa. Apparently, everything in those large gardens were of Mrs. Greene’s own personal choice. Everything from the selection of flowers, who were of the finest quality, to the appointment of the gardeners, who were the most known and qualified in their field were at the service of her gardens. Aria walked on the stone pathway between the freshly blossomed roses, marigolds, daisies and tulips and their intoxicating fragrances which filled the air. While she stopped to admire the tulips, she saw Neil coming towards her.

‘Hey! What are you doing here?,’ asked Aria who smiled as she saw him.

‘I just came to see you,’ said Neil.

‘How did you know I was here?’

‘I asked the gardener and he said that you were here taking your evening walks,’ answered Neil.

‘I like coming here once a while. I love when the flowers bloom. These tulips are my favourite.’

‘Sure, it is no wonder that at one time they costed a fortune.’

‘I think I would have still bought them if they costed more than anything,’ said Aria.

‘I came here to ask you something. Will it be okay if you went out with me tomorrow evening?,’ asked he.

‘Where to?’

‘That’s a secret,’ replied Neil.

‘Then I will have to think about it.’

‘It will not be long. We will return till midnight.’

‘I can’t go to a public place in the middle of all this.’

‘Don’t worry, it is not at all a crowded place,’ assured Neil.

‘So will you?’

‘Yes, I will go then,’ replied Aria.

‘Perfect, I will pick you up at five in the evening.’

‘Is it a party that I have to dress up for?,’ asked Neil.

‘No, just put on your normal clothes. It will be fine.’

‘Bye then, I will see you tomorrow.’

‘Wait!,’ said Aria. ‘Come at the back gates. Sometimes there are press reporters waiting for mother at the front.’














Amisha Goel

Edited: 17.01.2021

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