Awful Issues

9- In her Reflection

Roy POV:-

"I apologize father, I won't bunk again!" I was just 14, crying inside a dark room,  calling anyone to open the door for me. My mistakes wasn't big as my punishment but it was all necessary for me to become the son father desires. I banged on the door crying out, knowing mother is outside and begging my father to spare me some mercy. 

Just because I wasn' t bright as Lucien, I lost my right to dream. Lucien can do whatever he want but I can't. But that's not his fault, he was a coward and I was a rebel. He easily subjugate himself just to be at the safe side while I fought for my dream but before I knew it, we both lost our emotions. 

"Father!!" I called, resting my head on the door,  wallowed in dread of the darkness spread across the room. Tear gleamed my face as I lost my breath. 

"Roy.." I hears Lucien's voice. 

"I will get you out, My brother." He said. 

"No, No, No, You can't. If father found out, he will be angry." I said, afraid. 

"Don't worry. I will handle it." He said and I sensed him leaving while calling for him to not get in trouble because of me. My heart skipped a beat in apprehension of what will happen if Father caught Lucien. 

Back then, he did freed me from the darkness but we both received a beating for this.

I woke up with a loud gasp as a tear pricked in the corner of my eyes. I quickly wiped it, trying to forget the nightmare I just had which in-fact had occurred quite a few times in the past. I lost my breath and ran my hands in my hairs remembering what happened last night. 

I went home early because Lucien told me Mr Layne, also known as my bastardized Father, hit Mother again and we had a fight as I went to the club to calm my anger and got drunken. If I recall correctly, I also met Garnet there and I held her wrist not letting her go, what happened after it, was a blur. 

I shook my head and took a cold shower and got ready for work and went down to have breakfast just for Mother. I glared at Mr Layne and walked to Mother and kissed her forehead. If it wasn't for her,  I wouldn't even want to breathe in the same roof as Mr Layne, just to be sure that Mr Layne don't hurt her, I stay here instead of moving out. 

"Morning." I said. Neither my mornings nor my nights are good. I took a seat as she replied with a grin, "Good Morning my child."

"Where's Lucien?" I asked. 

"He didn't return." It may sound weird but we both live at our parents home, the place we grew up in horror. 

"Why would he even want to?" I taunted, glaring at Mr Layne. He scoffed and cleared his throat,

"Roy. I told you not to bring any woman home." He said, angered. I put down my fork and asked, "And who did I bring?" 

"It's not what you think, Arthur, she-"

"You keep your mouth shut, Melody. I am talking to your son." I grit my teeth in fury when he talked to Mother like that. 

"Why did you bring that girl home?" He asked sternly.

"Are you going to tell me who are you talking about?" I asked, agitated. 

"Garnet Beth." My eyes widened when I heard it. She came here? I looked at Mother looking down and then at Mr Layne who continued, 

"Don't bring any girl you meet at home. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior." He said. I narrowed my eyes and replied, 

"She is just my personal Assistant. Don't make assumptions like you usually do."

"That woman is no different than your mother, a desperate woman looking for a rich guy." my whole being burned in fire of wrath when I heard it as I slammed my hands on the table and hissed, "Watch your mouth Mr Layne! I will not tolerate any words about my Mother."

"And that woman?" I stood up and ran my hands in my hair. 

"You are a revolting guy who loves to judge people. I don't even want to talk to you."I said and took my stuff and was about to leave but Mother held my arm, "Roy." She looked at me with her teary gaze that broke my heart. I gave her a side hug and kissed her forehead, "We are here for you." I said with a forced smile, referring to Me and Lucien and left beyond angry. 

I entered furiously, I entered and ordered Amy; our receptionist,

"Send Ms Beth to my office." 

I went to my cabin and close the door behind me. I put my bag on the table and loosen my tie. Just because of her I had to spoil my mood and talk to Mr Layne. 

After a few minutes, she walked in. 

"You called me?" She asked entering. I kept looking out of the glass window and didn't reply to her.

"Roy?" She called me again. On a normal day, I would love to hear my name rolling on her lips but right now, it evoked my wrath more. 

"Where were you last night?" I asked, turning to her. 

"At the club." She replied monotonously.


"Then I saw you. You were drunk. Lucien had some errands so he told me to drop you home."

"And why didn't you left me at the entrance?" I asked, with my voice getting infuriated by each word. She swallowed hard in fear and continued, 

"Y-Your Mother. Ma'am L-Layne asked for my help b-because she can't-" Before she could say anything further I shouted, 

"SHUT UP!" Her breath hitched as she took a step back. I walked to her and looked at in intense rage which startled her. I leaned in close to her and began to growl at her in a low voice, 

"Next time, Even if you saw me dying.. You will leave me. You hear me? Don't involve yourself with me!" Tears brimmed in her eyes as she shut her eyes, shaking violently and gave me a quick nod, "Y-Yes, Sir." Her lips began to quiver letting out whimpers. She wiped her eyes and was about to leave but I held her wrist and yanked her to me, giving her a death-stare to stay where she is; terrified,


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