Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 2

Sana's pov
He must've become clueless with my unexpected statement. He loosens his grip as I turn to him. He looks at me being surprised and I laugh out looking at his anxious face. He sighs.

"Jesus! You're never gonna stop pranking on me", he says wrapping his arms around me. I stop laughing and look deep into his brown eyes. Our lips meet. He grabs my waist more tightly to pull me up. I struggle to kiss him back as he doesn't let me to respond and chews my lips harder. I clutch his both arms tightly and hiss into his mouth. I knew he would definitely do it. I wanted him to do. I wanted him to kiss me intensely like he never did before. He has become a drug to me which I ought to consume every day.

My chain of thoughts broke as he releases me. We both breathe heavily after a deep smooch. I come close to him again to hug him but he pulls me away and walks near the window and takes out his phone.

I just look at him without blinking my eyes. Does he really feel the same when we kiss? Or is this only me who wants to live this moment with all my heart and soul. I find a strange ache at the left side of my chest. I know we don't share a serious relationship and he doesn't even love me. Still I keep hoping something good from him. But do I love him? I don't know. I just want him to feel the same for me that I feel for him. And I really don't consider it love.

"We need to leave for office Sano", he says focusing on his phone. "I'm not gonna let that Alex to destroy my dream project. He almost ruined 50% of it", he shrugs.

Last night was terrible for him. We got a notice to repay all the primary investments done by fellow clients within just 10 days. Because our business rival Alex showed them some fake clips of Sid. It was a shock for Sid as he literally thought this project would finally help him to be the most influential person of this city.

"I've got Tina's text. She has arrived and completed submitting all the documents I ask for", I say.
"Good", he says, reactionless.
"I don't think you have much work to do today. I mean I'll try to cover up your pending work. You should visit your mom", I offer.

He raises his eyebrows as he looks at me. 
"You've lost it?", he shrugs. "I'm at a loss Sana. That bloody Alex sued my company, banned my goods. I'm in a state of throwing myself on streets. And you're suggesting me to spend my whole day for a bloody birthday? Which I don't even like to celebrate"
I nervously look down. Sid cares about two things in the world most. Money and Power. His family and me don't count among them.

"Sid, calm down", I say in a soft voice. He doesn't look at me. I guess I should drop the plan of making dinner for him. He doesn't like it when someone shows him extra care on his birthday. He acts to be normal in front of his mom. But he doesn't like it either if she celebrates his birthday. He ignores me and walks to the closet. This is the same guys who kissed me few minutes ago. And now he doesn't even look at me. Even though I'm not acting, he definitely is. I remind myself "acting"


Green john company 

I go to my desk and start making data sheets I was instructed to make. 
"Hey, sana", a familiar voice echoes. I look up as I see Lipa chuckling at me.
"Hey", I warmly greet her.

"I heard about the disaster that happened yesterday. I can't believe Alex can do something like this. He was always Sid's rival but he can frame Sid like this I have never imagined. Is Sid alright?", she worriedly asks.
"He is disturbed. But you know he can handle worst situations really well", I smile at her.

"Frame??", a voice mocked at us. I was not expecting this bitch. I look sideways and discover Eva. I can hardly stand her. She never misses any chance to mess with me. Lipa too throws a blank look.

"What??", Lipa shrugs. I try to avoid Eva and focus on my data sheet. Meanwhile she reaches out me and stands before me crossing her both arms.

"So you think Alex has framed our boss. Your beloved Sid", she smriks. Now she is gonna utter something rubbish and I'm gonna smash her face. This will what may happen in next few minutes. 
"Owner of CVC, Alex has said our Boss Mr. Sid matthews misbehaved with his wife and offered her to come for a one night stand with him. And if Alex's wife is ready, Sid will pass the biggest controversial deal to Alex. Right?? Is this what happened yesterday?", Eva passes a ugly smile. I still avoid her. I don't wanna lose my temper right now when I have plenty of work to do. After the disaster happened yesterday I couldn't focus on anything except for Sid. I just wanted him to feel good.

"What's your problem, Eva?", Lipa gazes at her. "Can't you see sana isn't interested in answering your shits?"
Eva chuckles as she glares at me. 
"I just wanna let you guys know that you both are dumb bitches. How can you guys think that Sid matthews is the most innocent guy in the world? It's not impossible for him to offer something like this to a married woman", she says.
My blood boils. I clench my fists still trying to keep myself calm. 
"You're so ungrateful Eva. You're talking rubbish about your own boss? You think Sid Sir has given this nasty proposal to Alex's wife?", Lipa protests.

"First of all, he will be no longer our boss. He is almost doomed. Within few hours Alex will take over all of his property and will be our new boss. And secondly, why can't sid do this? He maybe bored of her", Eva says looking at me.
"Fuck off", I say controlling my anger. 
"Oh poor Sana. It hurts no? But don't you think you're expecting too much from a guy like sid? Girl, You're not his girlfriend. Wake up. You're not more than a cheap mistress to him", Eva continues her nonsense. And I keep listening to her to know that how much she can say.

"He must be tired of you and offered another chick", Eva leans down to look at my pissed off face but I don't let her see it. I punch on her right jaw with my knuckles and she instantly falls on the ground.


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