Billionaire's Second Chance

Chapter 11

Armaan's POV


After 1 year

Everything was going nicely but again a storm entered our life and destroy my friend Murat completely..

Today Murat is going to propose Hayat. Me and Murat decorated a room nicely then I come home..

When I enter home I saw Ammi (mother) is looking at me fearfully..

"What happened Ammi (mother)?" I asked her..

Ammi just point me to look towards the television. And I looked towards it. But seeing the news I got shocked and ran out towards my car..

I drive fast towards the hotel and after reaching there I saw Murat is sleeping keeping his head on table. I went towards him and shook him..

"What happened Armaan?" He asked me.

I just switched on the television and point him to looked..

After seeing the news Murat starts destroying everything and I keep standing.

After destroying everything he started shouting in pain.

I went towards him and speak up, " Murat you need to hide. Media and police must be searching for you now. You need to hide for someday until I cleared the case. Murat are you even listening to me ?" Saying this I  shook him..

But hid attention got at television now  some pictures are showing about that case..

In those pictures he saw someone is trying to harness Hayat. But we can't see his face.

Soon my blood start boiling when I saw a stranger is top of Hayat and though the picture anyone can understand that Hayat is trying her best to push him off..

Before I say something to Murat about that guy a reporter starts reporting the news which is related of those pictures..

" Recently, we got those pictures from The victim Ms. Hayat. In those pictures we can see that how Mr. Murat trying to harass Ms. Hayat and braving likes a hungry animal..

After receiving those pictures police is now searching for Mr. Murat soon he will behind of jail.

If we want to get update about this news keep your eyes on our channel..

News end..

Sawing all this my mind went nubm..

How can Hayat do this to him?

She blamed him for the sin, he never try to do in his worst dream.

She destroyed him. But she has to explain for her act. She has to..

Turning towards me he speaks up, " Go home Arman I have some unfinished work to do then, I will come home"

But i denied and speak up, " I won't let's go together wherever you want to go, and I will accompany you no matter what"

Smile at me sadly we went out..

When we came in front her apartment he called her but found her phone is switched off. Then he called her friend Lisa, and she picked up the call..

And come down after sometime..

"Where is your friend? Call her I need to talk with her" He told Lisa.

"I am sorry Mr. Murat Hayat is already left this country. After blaming you she said her work is done and now she wants to go back..

Believe me Mr. Murat I tried to stop her, but she didn't listen to me.

It is shame to call her my friend, but she has done many things too. Actually it was her planned to make you fell for her. It was a bet nothing more for her..

She has done a bet the first time she saw at university even that slapped also the part of this bet. She just played with you..

I am sorry I didn't tell you about this. I thought Hayat really loved you. I thought she has forgotten that bet, but I was wrong.

After winning her bet she case this file she left this country fearing this you will come her and exposed her truth.

Hearing this my mind went numb..

I was shocked until I hear the police car sound. I hold Murat's hand and trying to makes him sit in car. When he looks at me he found, I am looking around fearfully..

When he look around he found police and media's cars is coming towards us..

I  again tried to makes him sit, but it was already too late police came towards us and arrested him.

While the media start taking picture and start asking different questions about the case,

Mr. Murat was it true you raped your own girlfriend??

Mr. Murat why you are here in front of your girlfriend's apartment after all this happened??

Are you here to threat your girlfriend to take back the case?

Was it true your girlfriend left this country tonight fearing that you will hurt her again???

But avoiding their questions police make their way towards car holding him before getting in car he looks at me while I am shouting at media not to publish false news about him.

Looking at him I  tried to say something but diver start the car.

I get in my car and went towards my lawyer home and told him to prepare my file so I can take Murat's case.

After working whom night we prepared all file. So I start my car towards police station and saw some police talking Murat towards a car.

Must be they are going to crime spot. I get down from my car and run towards this police car.


Author's POV


After pushing him in car police about to close the door when a hand holds the car door.

And it was Arman. Looking at him Murat easily understand that he didn't sleep last night..

"Who are you? And why are you coming between this?" A police officer asked him.

" Well I am a law student officer and since I completed my course in law I can take Mr. Murat case lawfully. And as a rule a lawyer have right to accompany his client in crime spot. Saying this Arman forcefully entered in van and sit beside Murat.

"I am so sorry Murat I am late. I was busy preparing law paper, so I can take your case. And don't worry I will not let you suffer without any fault. Faith in our Almighty Allah and trust on me” He told Murat and Murat nodded at him...

Khurshida Khushi

Edited: 17.11.2020

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